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"Life is way better on the other side!" - Angela Ponsford
"I have a more connected relationship with my twin daughters, I'm a better leader at work and I'm having more fun socializing with my girlfriends."
120 Days Alcohol Free: "I feel like a new man!" - Joe Worley
“After losing 25 lbs...I had to clean out my closet. And I was able to pull out a bunch of 32 inch waist jeans that have been sitting there for a couple years."
“Quitting and reducing my alcohol intake has profoundly positively impacted my life!” - Nicole Johnson
“I was a daily drinker. Two drinks a day. One night on the weekend I would drink too much and be hungover the next day. I was experiencing low level depression, feeling really stuck, unhappy. I changed my relationship with alcohol. I got clarity and focus and increased energy and happiness levels. I’ve quit a job that was no longer giving me joy. I have started a business and a podcast. I have hard-wired really amazing daily practices, like meditation and gratitude.”
“My business is thriving! I have lost 25lbs! I am a better Dad and husband!” 
- Andris Lagsdin
“My health was not good. I was drinking wine almost daily. Proudly, since April, 2018, I have not touched a glass of alcohol. My business is thriving. I have lost 25lbs and turned 50. I’m in a much better mind space. My trajectory with my health and business is in a much better space.”
“I don’t drink at all. I don’t even feel compelled to drink in social situations.” 
- Rosie
“I had a problem with social drinking. I would go out with clients and drink…and it was affecting my career. I had trouble getting to work on time and being productive. I felt like I was aging very quickly. Now I have a lot of energy. I look good, feel good, my work is good.”
“My business has turned around and is in contract to be sold!” - Chad Brownfield
“I was in a really, really dark spot. My business was stalled out. My health was not good. I was drinking too much from the stress and doubt and all these things in my head. [Since quitting], I cannot even being to explain the changes that have happened. My relationship with alcohol has completely 180’d but the clarity in my head has gone through the roof.”
“Seems like it happened very suddenly...” - John Keltner
“I'm so glad I got started when I did.  I started... We talked on the 19th of December and I got started on the 20th of December...  got through the holidays... And then I was off and running into 2019.  So, thank you James for pushing me.  My advice to anyone who's thinking about it is just get started. Go. Get it.”
“I feel great! I have lost weight! My skin looks great!” - Jonathan
“I was going out with clients, drinking, really fast-paced life. When I got to age 37, I was tired and exhausted from that lifestyle. And I wanted a solution to change. I reached out to James…he guided me.“
“I was working a job making $40k a year…hated it…then [quit drinking], started my own business. This year we are projected to make $500k.” - Andrew Kroeze
“I was really struggling, drinking four nights a week…I was starting to feel very depressed. I was feeling numb. Since quitting drinking…my friends have changed. My network has changed. I am so much friggin’ happier. I have much more joy in my life. My relationships are absolutely incredible now.”
“I have lost 21lbs!” - Mike Liyeos
“My confidence has spiked. I’m a lot less irritable. I smile a lot more! I have made many positive changes. One of my goals was to lose weight…I have lost 21lbs.”
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