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James Swanwick Is Hiring!

How To Become The Highly Coveted Customer Technical Support Specialist For James Swanwick’s Businesses



Dear Applicant,

My name is James Swanwick and I’m the creator and founder of Swanwick Sleep, 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, and the James Swanwick Show podcast

By reading this page in full, you’ll learn:

  1. About me and my companies.
  1. The job description of the position that is available, including compensation.
  1. If we’re the right fit for each other, in which case, I’d love for you to apply.

First, let me tell you about me:

I’m Australian-American, a former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN and host of The James Swanwick Show podcast.

I’m the creator of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, which helps people reduce or quit alcohol; and creator of blue light blocking glasses Swannies from Swanwick Sleep.

I was lucky enough to have Forbes magazine vote me one of Top 25 Networking Experts and I’ve interviewed celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My team consists of a project manager (Boulder, Colorado), website developer (Missoula, Montana), a PPC Manager (Brisbane, Australia), a Blog / Content manager (Los Angeles, California), a virtual assistant (Philippines), a video editor (Bournemouth, U.K.), an assistant (Los Angeles), a podcast producer (Los Angeles), a copywriter (Los Angeles) and a business partner (Brisbane).

Who I’m looking for:

An experienced technical support specialist who can execute my vision to help one million people sleep better (swanwicksleep.com), reduce or quit alcohol (30daynoalcoholchallenge.com), and improve their lives.

You will help assist customers with technical issues in accessing products.

The role could be a combination of working in-person in a Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood office, from your own home or anywhere in the world if you choose.

Requirements for the job:

  • Be the technical go-to for our customer’s concerns
  • Be organized and efficient
  • Have strong community values
  • Communicate with high-level people in a professional manner
  • Have creativity and energy
  • You must be a superstar
  • Be proactive and a fast learner
  • Manage technical issues with email autoresponders and SMS autoresponders
  • Manage technical issues with embedded videos
  • Oversee customer support emails
  • You must have constant and reliable computer and internet access
  • You must have a good knowledge of social media including Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, iTunes
  • Knowledge of online tools including ActiveCampaign, WordPress, OptimizePress, Stripe, Clickbank, Twilio, Wistia, CallLoop, Clickfunnels, Zapier, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Google Calendar
  • Ability to take the initiative and complete tasks without having to be asked

Here are the MANDATORY requirements for this position:

  • This is a part-time position that requires a minimum of 10 hours per week, sometimes more.
  • You must be willing to learn new tasks quickly, to sometimes work long hard hours if necessary, to be able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, to be self-sufficient and not require constant direction, to excel when most people would fail, and to be a self-starter. You MUST be a proven winner in your life and mind.
  • You must be skilled at customer service. This means you must have amazing communication skills, the ability to put the customer first, have the ability to regularly check-in with people and hold high standards of accountability.
  • You MUST have some experience with online membership-sites. Since you’ll be managing the technical support for customers of an online business, you need to understand and have some skills using tools / websites like: WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, and E-Mail Marketing.
  • If you are not a “computer” pro or not technically savvy, this job isn’t for you.
  • You MUST have a passion for self-development and be a positive, motivated person.  Our company culture and values consist of continual self-improvement and adding value to others, so we only want to work with someone that is aligned with that.


  • Have experience with OptimizePress
  • Have experience with ActiveCampaign
  • Have experience with Stripe and/or ClickBank
  • Have experience with managing technical issues for an online membership site
  • Have experience as a customer service representative
  • Have experience as a technical support representative


  • Monday – Friday with a 1-hour morning check-in on any customer service items and some intermittent requests during the day.  There is a lot of flexibility with this position but speed to response is important for our customers and our business.
  • Some weekends will require the occasional support ticket to be satisfied.


  • What you do will help thousands of people around the world
  • You will be part of a value-friendly company
  • You will be part of an incredibly positive culture with a great team
  • You will be able to serve
  • You will operate with a top entrepreneur who has owned several businesses
  • You will learn many skills about business, online marketing, running a membership-based online community.
  • Amazing learning opportunity
  • Potential to level up in the organization over time

Let me walk you through the official “Job Description” of the position that we are offering to the right person:

  • To the right person, we will be paying an hourly rate with potential to level up in the organization over time. 
  • You will be working directly with my Project Manager, Operations Manager, Customer Support Specialist(s) and our customers.  

Here is some of what is involved in the position:

  1. Faithfully communicate to our customers with timeliness, respect and positivity.
  2. Overcome technical issues that customers are experiencing.  If you do not know the answer, to promptly find who can provide you the answer in as little time as possible.
  3. Look for pattern areas of technical issues and develop a plan to solve them to cut down on future technical issues and customer complaints.
  4. Provide customers with access to products they've purchased but not received login details for.
  5. Assist customers in adding them to a daily email autoresponder series in ActiveCampaign if they did not receive a starting email.
  6. Solve issues with email deliverability or issues with receiving a daily text message through checklists and standard procedures.
  7. To make certain there is a constant stream of happy customers through outstanding support and going above and beyond to make sure they’re being cared for as if they were our only customer.
  8. Follow “Standard Operating Procedures” in performing technical solutions to challenges a customer is experiencing and promptly communicate with them that their issue has been resolved with kindness and positivity.
  9. Assist in creating “systems” and “Standard Operating Procedures” for every operation in the business. Will require working with the team and documenting everything step-by-step, to better maximize efficiency and grow the business.
  10. Resolve issues effectively – seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, calling out the problems, and solving the problems in a practical and healthy manner.
  11. Ensure that everyone is truly following and adhering to the company’s core processes and operation system with consistency. Demonstrates effective project management skills.
  12. Effectively collaborate with team members and James (owner) to stay on the same page. Maintain a high level of mutual respect with all members of the team.
  13. Work with customer support team to ensure all customer inquiries are properly answered and dealt with.
  14. Work with Web Developers, Graphics Designers, Social Media & Marketing Experts with any technical questions they have around the customer operations and technical workings.
  15. Must be an effective communicator and be able to consistently communicate with James and the members of the team on a daily basis.
  16. Anything else that may be required or needed, you’re on top of. There may be seemingly boring or mundane work required, but you have no problem doing the stuff that nobody else wants to do or knows how to, but you can figure it out.
  17. You will also have A LOT of FUN. This is really a requirement. Although we are very dedicated when it comes to work, we are just as dedicated to having fun and enjoying every day of every week. Boring, uptight people are not going to fit in.

Do not apply if:

DO NOT APPLY if you are not able to commit long-term to help grow this company.

Here’s what some of James’s staff say about working with him:

“Working with James and his team has been amazing.  Over the past year and a half, I’ve grown in ways I couldn’t imagine. James and his team is a fountain of knowledge helping me to grow with overcoming obstacles, strengthening systems, finding flow in communication with virtual teams and learning new technical skills. The team here is all about learning from those who’ve done it first, moving into action quickly and ongoing testing like a mad scientist. James is kind, generous, thoughtful and one of the BEST networkers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It’s a fun team, we get things done and are on the ground floor of something that has potential to grow big. If you’re looking for a team that wants to try fresh ideas, have fun, while getting things done… this is it.” – Kevin Schouweiler

“Before I met James, I was stuck in a well paid but unfulfilling job. I wasn’t sure where my life was going. In only 18 months, James’s mentorship showed me different parts of his business. We experimented with different roles, and I found media outreach and writing to be the most rewarding. James taught me how to pitch journalists with engaging headlines and write engaging copy. He introduced me to other people in his network like Tai Lopez, who I also work for. I now freelance full-time and work from wherever I want in the world. I’ve written for publications like Business Insider, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Collective Hub, MindBodyGreen, and more. I create stuff that impacts the lives of other people. I have 100% control of my schedule which means more time for my son, exercise, and the little things which make a big difference to my happiness. Friends and family say I’ve transformed. I’m stronger, calmer, more positive and focused. Thanks, James!” – Steve Costello

If interested, what should you do now?

If after reading every word on this page, twice, you 100% believe this is absolutely, without a doubt, the perfect thing for you. Then click below to fill out the application:

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