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“A Mentor Eliminates The Chance You Will Fail”

“Do You Want Me – James Swanwick – To Be Your PERSONAL Mentor?”

“Working With Me One-On-One Is Like Getting An Unfair Advantage Over All The Other Journalists Looking For Work”

“10 x Your Results With Me – James Swanwick – As Your PERSONAL Mentor”

Friend – Once again, I'd like to welcome you to Insider Journalism Secrets.

I’m sure you’ve bought different programs before. And the problem is not buying them, but how you actually make them work in your life. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way you could be 100 % sure to make them work?

My biggest frustration is that I see men and women buying courses all the time but then not always following up on it. For years I’ve seen people getting amazing material that will change their lives, but they don’t put it into practice.

Then suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks. People often fail because they don’t have someone working with them side-by-side. Yes, it’s great to learn from a book or online course IF you do the work.

But you are almost guaranteed that you ∫ do the work when you have a mentor. Your chances of failure are ELIMINATED when you work with a MENTOR.

So…I have rolled out a personal mentorship program where I work with you 1-1 for a full, undistracted 90-minute-session to get you started on your journalism quest. Imagine getting your very own customized plan for YOUR specific situation. When you work with me, that’s what you’ll get.

I’m going to work with you to customize it for you. If appropriate, I’ll make connections for you. I’ll point you in the right direction.

How would you like me to be your personal mentor for a full 90-minutes power session? I’ll speak to you and help you craft your very own, tailored, blueprint for success. It’s called the, “Make James My Personal Mentor” strategy session.

“Many Other Journalists Don’t Want You To
Succeed… I Do…”

One thing I've realized is probably only one journalist in one hundred is willing to share a step-by-step strategy you could use to get yourself work. Or even if the journalist does, it's intentionally misleading…

As it turns out, journalism CAN be competitive.Some journalists just don’t want other people potentially stealing their work, stealing their jobs.

This was a revelation that rocked my world. When I first turned up to Los Angeles in 1993 to become an entertainment journalist, other freelance journalists there were awful to me. They didn’t give me any advice because they were scared I’d get work and they wouldn’t. Well, they were right! But only because I was good at my job, and positive, and friendly. And they weren’t. When my friend, Georgia Cassimatis, from Insider Journalism Secrets on Steroids, turned up in LA in 2005, I offered her advice right away. I didn’t fear she would take my work. Because I already knew how good I was. BUT, I WANTED her to be successful, too. Guess what? Georgia DID take my advice and created a successful career for herself in LA. Just like me. There was PLENTY of work to go around. If you don’t believe me, grab yourself a copy of Georgia’s book, Red Carpet Burns. She calls me, “Mick, from Dingo News”. See how positive she writes about me. Because I became her MENTOR. I shared step-by-step directions for her to generate consistent work.

“What Is A Mentor?”

A mentor is a coach that can help you get from where you are right now to where you want to go…

“Do you….”

• Do you wish you had someone pushing you to achieve your goals? Someone who gave you a tailored program just for you and instilled in you the confidence to make your journalism dreams happen?

• Do you want more money and financial freedom in your life?

• Do you want to 10 times your results so you can have the journalistic career of your dreams? With so much work it’s contagious…?

• Do you want more happiness and fulfillment in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there are 2 things that I bet describes you to a T:

1. You are ambitious and

2. You want and deserve more out of your life…


Well I have Good News: When you work with me, I will to show you exactly how YOU will get the career of your dreams. I will give you a personal program, specifically related to YOU and only YOU. As you’ll soon discover, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve interviewed some of the most powerful people on the planet, I’ve worked in three countries – Australia, England, the USA. I know my stuff.

I have 20-years of journalistic experience. I’ve done the hard yards. I’ve made all the mistakes a journalist can make. And I’m going to tell you about them to ensure you DON’T make them. This alone, will save you YEARS OF STRUGGLE. What do I mean by the “journalistic career of your dreams”? Let’s face it, success for me might by hosting SportsCenter on ESPN, success for you might be being the next Ryan Seacrest or Perez Hilton or a New York Times reporter or a TV morning show producer or making $5,000 a month. WHATEVER your definition of journalism success is, I’ll help you get there – personally.

You know what’s worked for me over the years? Having great MENTORS.

Yes, MENTORS. Whether it was my first chief-of-staff at the first newspaper job I got back in 1993, or CNN Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware, or even just the thousands of successful people I’ve interviewed over the years – like George Clooney and Jon Bon Jovi – they’ve all given me advice. Advice that has helped me achieve everything I have achieved.

“Listen: Believe this right now…I’m not one bit different from you”

YES, you can achieve everything I’ve achieved and more. IF you know the secrets. Think of all the successful journalists in the world – Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who broke the Watergate Scandal back in the 1970s – and all the other famous journalists who’ve ever lived. Without one exception, every successful journalist you ever will know has a mentor. Think of having me as your mentor as Your Own Personal Blueprint for Success.

Now, you may think to yourself… well of course these successful journalists have mentors, they are rich! No No… these guys have mentors before they are rich and that is why they are rich, that is why they got famous… Now listen even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet had mentors…

Bill Gates, the owner and CEO of Microsoft, worth 70 billion dollars…And Warren Buffet… the single most successful investor in recent American History. They had and still have mentors…Mentors do one thing better than anything in the world…

“Mentors Eliminate Your Risk Of Failure”

A true mentor has the experience and knowledge to show you how to succeed… a complete blueprint from A to Z… because they´ve done it before…Now when I realized the theory of having a mentor is so simple, when I first implemented I felt like I was cheating to be successful. It’s all about shortcutting YOUR success. I am going to tell you all the insider information that you need to know, to be as successful as you can be, in the shortest time possible…

Guess what? No one at the top is making it on their own… they have help. Sure, it’s behind the scenes, but believe me: every journalist you’ve ever admired that’s famous, powerful, or seems to just have his or her way in journalism has a mentor… Sometimes more than one! They are leveraging off the success of other people…

I am not talking about some wimpy success coach… Who pretend they’ve been successful. And they talk about ‘textbook definitions of success… and things they’ve only dreamed of…The difference between a Success Coach and a Mentor is a Success Coach dreams about what they could do. I am talking about me having already done what I wanted to do. So you see, I’m the guy who will show you step by step how to do it and eliminate all the risk.

As Henry Ford once said… the founder of the Ford Motor Company: “I didn’t know anything about building automobiles but I knew a lot of people who knew a lot about building automobiles that I surrounded myself with…” Or John C Crosby… an American Politician and successful businessman said: ¨Successful people turn everyone who can help them into sometimes mentors¨. And from today forward: I want you to be the delegator of your own life…Basically you let a mentor take you towards where you want to be…

“Here’s A Scary Fact I Bet You Don’t Fully Realize: Society Grooms YOU To Fail”

The principle of hard work is great but where society is flawed is it pushes the age-old adages of ‘trial and error’ and ‘If at first you don’t succeed then try try again… you know what I’m talking about right? What society should be saying to you is ‘don’t try to re-invent the wheel, just make a little bit better…’ and my favorite ‘work smarter not harder… and the key ingredient for both is using a proven blueprint of success. And who can give you that? A mentor.

“FACT: People who use mentors are more successful, in every single area.”

In the corporate world (which I´m not a huge fan of to be honest) mentoring plays a Huge roll in being successful. None more telling than the simple fact that professionals who have used a mentor earn between $5,610-$22,450 more annually than those who don’t. Not only that but they are more employable and more likely to get senior roles. What about Sport? Coaches are Mentors… You don’t see professional sporting teams running around without an entourage of coaching staff… In life it´s about taking other peoples proven success and getting that to work for you!

“There Are 2 Reasons Why People Like You And Me Fail, And Only 2 Reasons…”

Either they do not fully understand the task… or they try to do it alone.Both are avoided with a mentor. A proven mentor who understands the task and has had success completing it. Decisions that scare you or excite you are the decisions and actions worth doing. They are the things that help you grow and give you the greatest success in life… But when you have others who can show you how to do it, life gets so much easier! And success is yours.

“Make Me Work For You…”

Do you want to act clever instead of being just another one of society’s sheep, led to the slaughter? That’s the option you have today… Listen; there’s a reason you are here today, you know what that reason is deep down…You know that you want a lot more than you have in your life…You know you have a lot more to achieve and you know that you haven’t even begun… You know you are actually hungry for it; you want the absolute most powerful successful life you can have. You want more out of life and you don’t want life to pass you by… that is the last thing you want… Am I right?

Look I am not going to lie to you, there are multiple factors that affect your success. Some of your success is determined by luck, some is determined by genetics and time. Yet what I want for YOU is to get the ABSOLUTE BEST out of what you have so can have the best possible life. PERIOD. Everything in life is coachable and with the right information and mentors success is made easy. Almost too easy!

“This Is What Happens When You Have Me As Your Mentor …”

When you have me as your mentor, it’s like being given exam answers the day before you sit an exam. I’m essentially your cheat sheet to consistent success in journalism…I’ll give you proven strategies, blueprints and step by step systems specifically for YOU and YOUR situation, that make it almost impossible not to be successful.

“One, 90-Minute Session With Me Is Usually $697.00….BUT….

Imagine how your life would be different, if you knew step-by-step how to get the journalism job of your dreams… the words hirers want to hear…. Picture yourself knowing exactly what to say and what to do in any situation that could get you work- because you've been told EXACTLY what works – straight from the mouth of ME!

Imagine knowing exactly which writing newspapers and magazines and blogs and websites want… exactly which words make readers follow you… Imagine knowing the SECRET techniques you can use to live anywhere in the world and get paid for your writing, or become a sports journalist, or a fashion, tech or entertainment reporter – AND how to create the type of career that suits your lifestyle.

You've Opened Insider Journalism Secrets… AND You Have A Complete A-Z system For Getting The Journalism Career Of Your Dreams…

“But You're NOT Paying Full Price…

…But you're not going to pay the full $697.00 for a 90-minute mentor session with me… You won't even pay $497.00… In fact, because you just landed Insider Journalism Secrets, I'm making the “Make James My Personal Mentor” session available to you right now, for a single payment of $297…

But this is a one time offer, and as such, you must take action right away, on this page only.

“Decide Now And Don't Wait!
Because This MASSIVE Discount
Is For Right Now, And Right Now ONLY…

“That's Over $697.00 Worth Of Secret Tactics

You must decide to have me personally coach you now – or never. Because only two things can happen right now: You decide to get my personal 1-1 experience with a 90-minute session… or… You will lose your MASSIVE “initiation” discount for good. (That's like flushing three hundred dollars down the drain)

I'm only personally mentoring a select group of men and women.

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and check the box next to the big “Yes, James!” Then click the button at the bottom of this page. Your contact details will be sent to me and my assistant will be phoning you within 72 hours to schedule our strategy session. That 1-1 time is for only $297 – and you'll pocket a massive, four hundred dollar discount.

“And I Guarantee – You’ll Have a Blueprint For Creating YOUR Journalism Career In 90 Minutes
Or It's Free…

Sign up to work with me, right now. Lock in your 1-1 time with me and see how I help you improve every part of your life and get you working in journalism. You'll easily and automatically get journalism jobs. Your days will be filled doing exactly the thing you want to be doing – whether that’s writing for a newspaper, magazine or website or reporting or producing for a TV or radio show. It will be a thrilling adventure. And it will be easier than it's ever been to start working right away in the exciting world of journalism.

When you speak to me, I bust my ass to ensure you set off on the right track. I’ll give you specific advice related to YOU. Not anybody else. To YOU. That's it. Just be armed with a pen and paper because I’m going to give you some incredible tips and tricks specific to YOUR situation. If you don't like our call for any reason, just let me know. You can tell me on our call. Or visit me online… You can email me… You can even call me, personally, and I'll refund every penny of your investment, without asking any questions.

“So Are You Ready For Me – James Swanwick – To Give You Your Very Own Personal Blueprint For You To Make It As A Journalist?

Take action right now. Opportunities like this don't come along every day, and right now you can either lock me for your own personal journalism blueprint… find out how to get a job, make money writing, produce TV, become a reporter….whatever you want… claim your four hundred dollar discount (and be part of the select people I help, before anyone else!)…

… Or, you can do nothing today, and make no changes in your life, at all. I urge you – don't let opportunity pass you by. Don't let another day go by where you’re kicking yourself for not living the life you want. Don’t be the “Shoulda”… “Woulda”… “Coulda”…person.

I wish I could make this decision for you. However, I can't. It's yours and yours alone to make. So join me, learn the secrets I’ve built up over a 20-year-career and become the cashed up journalist you've always wanted to be.

Simply check the button next to the big “Yes, James” below, and within 72 hours, my assistant will be in contact with you to schedule our 1-1 session.

YES! James – I'm ready to personally speak with you for a full 90 minutes to develop my own blueprint for journalism success and to get media wanting to hire and pay me! I'm ready for you to guide me and give me advice specific to ME! And I'm ready to have you be my mentor, inspire me to get insane amounts of work, enjoy awesome journalism opportunities and realize my journalistic dream. All for only $297. I'll hear from your assistant within 72 hours and then IMMEDIATELY schedule my personal 1-1 session with you.


No, I'd rather not speak 1-1 with you. I'm not interested in you helping me specifically, or your advice focused on only me, which would likely 10 x my journalism results. I understand I'll never see this offer again and I'll lose my $400.00 DISCOUNT – for good.

*I Understand I will NEVER See This Page Ever Again*

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