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Introducing INSIDER JOURNALISM SECRETS, the first program with a step-by-step guide, tactics and expert tips to help you land your dream journalism career. Simple, mind-blowing techniques to get you the journalism career you want.


  • It’s the ‘Everything Included” course that has helped journalists find their dream job.
  • Even without a college degree.
  • Even if you have little to no experience.
  • Even if you don’t know what your dream job is yet.
  • Insider Journalism Secrets is a tested, proven way to get you the journalism career you want.
  • Including expert guidance, advice, experience, suggestions and ideas in interviews with SEVEN of the world’s leading journalists.

From James Swanwick, ESPN anchor and author of “Insider Journalism Secrets” and “How to Become a Celebrity Journalist”

Take a look at these two readers of my book, Insider Journalism Secrets. They had no experience. But when they applied these techniques, here’s what happened:


"Rachael Flatts, Connecticut, USA: “James, I read your book and soon after got invited to a huge ABC executive wedding in Napa, had a phone interview with CBS Sports and got a part-time gig as a production assistant at ESPN. You’d be proud!”

Diana Berquist, Sydney, Australia: “James, I applied what you taught and immediately got work experience at one of the weekly celebrity magazines in Australia. Your book helped me a lot."  "


BUT…compare their remarkable results to these people…


"“I graduated in December with a Bachelors in Print Journalism and I have been applying to jobs since but have not heard anything back." Heather, quoted in LinkedIn for Journalists group, April, 2012.

“I'm starting to think that maybe I made a mistake in my choice to major in Print Journalism.” Heather, quoted in LinkedIn for Journalists group, April 2012

“I am about to be a recent grad participating in the great after graduation college search. I've been sending out my resume and what not. So far I've gotten two replies.” Nicole, quoted in LinkedIn for Journalists group, April 2012

“I graduated with a degree in journalism and one in international relations in February and, despite the 30+ resumes I've sent around, I still haven't found anything.” Julian, quoted in LinkedIn for Journalists group, April 2012

“Where do media graduates actually get employed?” Simon, LinkedIn for Journalists group, April 2012 "


What’s the difference?

The second group is using old, antiquated strategies. They’re spending thousands of unnecessary dollars on journalism courses and then sending out resume after resume, hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, like most, they think this is the way to get a journalism job. But it’s not. They’re still jobless.

They think the journalism degree will have the New York Times inviting them in for a job with open arms, but they’re not. They're stuck.

For them, a dream journalism career was never a possibility. They took the advice of “experts” who told them to spend up to four years in a journalism course and then send out resumes. But it’s not working.

It's a shame but they’re not realizing their dreams.

But the first group of people – the winners – decided to take matters into their own hands. They used the Insider Journalism Secrets techniques to leapfrog past the second group (even in the same terrible economy).

The winners – some of whom never even went to college – focused on what they could control and ignored old, useless advice.

The first group took control of their dream journalism job search and with a little help from my material, now they’ll reap the rewards for the rest of their lives.

James Swanwick

Hi there. I’m James Swanwick, a New York-based ESPN anchor on SportsCenter and author of Insider Journalism Secrets and How to Become a Celebrity Journalist. I’ve been a print, radio or TV journalist for 20 years, in countries including the US, UK and Australia.

The media organizations I’ve worked for include Associated Press, Sky Sports, ESPN, WPLJ radio, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Sky Movie Channel, Q104FM, Loaded magazine, Woman’s Day, The Courier-Mail and much more. I now teach journalism graduates and journalist wannabes how to get jobs in journalism and create an awesome career.


I have been seen on or in:


My story

I wasn’t always successful at my journalist career. I used to be a shy, awkward high school student with average grades, no journalism experience and no prospects. But I quickly went to being read by millions of people around the world and hosting a national TV show.

I went from being jobless, directionless and not fulfilling my dreams, to a life filled with adventure.


And the best part is – if I can do it – SO CAN YOU!


How did I do it? Well, a lot of what really worked for me is stuff you’ll never be taught in school, colleges or journalism courses. But I promise you what I learned will work for you, too.

Believe me, I’m not a naturally confident or smart guy; in fact I was a downright nobody at school for many years. And while I always dreamed of one day becoming a journalist, I felt a lot of pressure from my parents to “get a job” “get a job” right out of high school. Sound familiar? It's a lot of pressure.

My teachers and parents would say to me, “Send your resume to as many companies as possible”. But you know what? The more resumes I sent in, the more rejections I got. Most times, I didn’t even get a response. It felt to me like landing a journalism job, when I had zero journalism experience, and being in the middle of a tough economy, was virtually impossible. 


It's NOT your fault


Have you ever felt like this? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault. You got BAD advice! 

In fact, I’m here to spit in the face of all the bad advice you’ve got and are probably still getting. The days of sending in resumes and hoping for the best are over! They are dead! The days of listening to old, antiquated advice are over! This “send in a resume” advice is the single biggest reason journalist wannabes just like you fail. And I'm putting a FULL stop to it right now!

When I realized that my unemployment and lack of prospects wasn't my fault, that everything I’d been taught about getting a job up until that point was wrong and that I could land a great job in journalism without any experience and without sending in a resume, well, that was one of the best days of my life!

My story is probably very similar to your own. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a gal, anyone who worries with how they’re going to get a journalism job or job in the media will relate to this story. 


Solutions I discovered


But don't worry. I'm about to divulge the solutions I discovered. I'll not only reveal the killer ways to get a job as a journalist but also how you can become highly-paid and make it to the top of almost any company out there.

Look, if you’re anything like me, you've probably been worrying for years through high school and college about how you’re going to land a journalist job in a tough economy. 

Budgets at newspapers, radio and television stations are being cut. Journalists are losing their jobs, newsrooms and production departments have been downsized. Hey, it’s tough out there!

I remember the first time the worry started for me. I was in the 12th grade and just like today, the economy was lousy. In fact, we were living in a recession.

My Mom and Dad started talking about how they’d spent all this money on my schooling education and that I’d better get a job right out of high school to justify their expense.


How do you get a job with no experience?


But how was I going to get a job when there were only a few jobs to go around? How was I going to get a job when I didn’t have experience? Again, sound familiar?

Plus, journalism courses at colleges and online degrees cost thousands of dollars and sometimes take up to four years to complete. Was I really going to invest all that money and time into something, only to HOPE  I was going to get a journalism job?

Before I invested all this money and committed to all that time of study, I learned a simple fact that helped me get my first journalism job. And it wasn’t just any job. It was a reporting position on a Rupert Murdoch-owned broadsheet newspaper. And, I landed that job right out of high school at just 17-years-old!

Years later, understanding this same fact, I snagged an awesome job as a sports reporter for Sky Sports in London. I got to go to World Cups, Wimbledons, British Open golf tournaments.

A few years after that, I became a celebrity journalist in Hollywood where I interviewed the world’s top movie stars, including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Tom Cruise and Jon Bon Jovi.

After that, I ran my own news agency where hundreds of journalists around the world worked for me! And after that, I became a national TV host on SportsCenter! I mean, I moved from kick-ass journalism job to journalism job with ease. And you know what?


I did it all knowing one simple thing


When I first realized what this one simple thing was, I was astounded. I mean, amazed. And over the years, I saw further evidence of this simple thing everywhere I looked in the journalism world. What was it that I learned? How did I consistently achieve journalism success?

Well, I embraced the one truth that hardly anyone who wants to be a journalist knows. Here it is:


The best way to get a journalism job is to NOT take a journalism course!


Now that may come as a total shock to you. You might be thinking, “But I have to go to journalism school to learn how to write a story or present a TV show or produce a radio program!” 

But trust me when I say, you don’t! In fact, your chances of landing a journalism job actually improve if you don’t have formal training. Remember, I got a job writing for a major newspaper before I ever took one journalism course at college, before I ever picked up one journalism text book and before I ever studied for one journalism exam.

Here’s why: If you go to journalism school you will learn how to write a story, put a piece together and stand in front of a camera. That’s all well and good. But that’s not what hirers at the newspapers, TV and radio stations are looking for. In fact, far from it. Not only that, journalism school costs thousands of dollars!

In many cases, it will take four years of fulltime study, only for you to come out at the other end with a degree which has practically no value in the real world. That’s four years of studying, exams, taking out financial loans – all for what?

Now, maybe you’re already doing a journalism course and you feel like you’re invested in it now. Look, what you’ve learned so far isn’t for nothing. I’m sure there are some great practical skills you’re picking up and will continue to pick up. But you don’t NEED that course to get a job. You CAN get a job now. Today. Without the degree.


Read these extraordinary results using just a fraction of my techniques



“I'd been seeing James Swanwick's byline in so many magazines and newspapers and was so jealous of his access to actors and directors my curiosity got the best of me and I tracked him down to ask him how he does it. It turned out that with minimal training in entertainment journalism he was living the high life in LA meeting celebrities and writing for outlets all over the world. The answers, advice, tips, insider knowledge and help he gave me can all be found in his ebooks Insider Journalism Secrets and How to Become a Celebrity Journalist…Now it’s ME in Los Angeles. Now it’s ME interviewing celebrities in Hollywood. Thanks, James!” Drew Turney, Los Angeles, USA

“This book is perfect for anyone seeking a career in journalism. I found it very useful even though I've been in the industry for ten years.” DIONNE CLARKE, London, UK  "


Ok. Hang with me for a minute now because I'm going to share with you four powerful ways to dramatically increase the chances of getting the journalism job you want.

Are you ready? Ok, here they are:


1. Develop an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject 

What does that mean? Well, before you approach a media organization looking for a job, know a particular subject inside and out. Journalists generally report about a particular area, whether that’s sport, politics, science, health, the environment, celebrities, entertainment, education, communities, motoring, finance, religion, technology. Whatever.

For example, if you're passionate about fashion, read Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines and Fashion Weekly and illustrate to a prospective employer how much you know about fashion.

If you are a sports nut and want a job in sports, impress them with your in-depth knowledge of sports. Or entertainment. Or politics. Or business and finance. 

Whatever your interest, develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of that field. Employers will more often than not hire the candidate with an in-depth knowledge of a particular area over someone who simply has a journalism degree.


2. Use your personal connections

Did you know that only ten percent of people find a job by applying directly to an employer? By that, I mean sending in a resume and hoping for the best. Ten percent! 

But a full 50 percent of people find their job through a personal connection or referral. So wouldn't it make sense to increase and improve your personal connections? 

Ask your friends if they know anyone who is a journalist. Then connect with that journalist and offer to buy them a cup of coffee. Ask their advice. Ask who the editor is at the newspaper, radio or TV station you want to work at. Then contact that person. Make that person your friend.

Then, when the time comes for the media organization to hire, they know who you are. Your chances of getting a job this way can literally multiply by 500 percent.


3. Produce your own content

Go out there and start writing your own stories and producing your own TV or radio reports. Produce your own news. Then submit your work to a local newspaper, TV channel or community radio station. Work for free. Get an internship. Get out there and start acting like a journalist, creating content and honing your skills. 

Have a body of work to show a prospective hirer. But don't just sit in a journalism class, taking notes and learning how to craft a story. Get out there and write a story. Do it yourself. Employers want to see action!


4. Scrap the resume

I’ve been in this business 20 years now and I have NEVER got a job from sending in a resume. I mean, never. And I’ve got jobs at publications and TV stations all over the world including Associated Press, ESPN, Sky Sports, the Sydney Daily Telegraph, just to name a few.

Don’t waste your time spending hours on your computer producing a perfectly crafted resume with a pretty little layout. Most editors or producers at media organizations will not even ask to see a resume.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’re listening to someone who knows how this game works. But if you cling to the old ways of doing things, you’re as dead as a doornail. Don’t use out-dated, old-fashioned methods in a brand new era of journalism.



Insider Journalism Secrets book and audio series program

I want to give you a chance to be on this side of the fence with me: interviewing interesting people, producing fascinating content, living the life you’ve always dreamed.

I have written a simple, easy to understand book called Insider Journalism Secrets that will show you how to catapult yourself into a journalism career mixing with some of the world’s most celebrated, interesting, successful and amazing people.

It includes interviews with some of the world’s most famous, experienced and well- respected journalists who share their secrets of success with you.

When you read this book, you are going to instantly jumpstart the quality of your social and work life. You will get a front-row seat to a better life, one that your friends will lust over.


In Insider Journalism Secrets, you will learn:


* How to convince a media company to hire you. No more wasted job interviews, ever! Just think how much fun you'll have smashing your job interview

*How to become a newspaper and magazine reporter

* How to become a top radio DJ (and have the world's top musicians clamoring to be on your show)

* How to become a TV host

* How to produce your first TV news story

* How to interview people so you get the best quotes possible and the amazing trick that instantly puts interviewees at ease. You'll go from frightening to engaging in a split second

* The questions you should NEVER ask! Read how Hollywood actor, Joaquin Phoenix, reacted, when I asked him one of them!

* How to break stories, be a great news maker and develop a network of sources

* The top 100 tips to being a great journalist. Everything you need to know to be successful in your career

* How to make a great living as a freelancer

* How to convince any print, radio or TV editor to buy your story. So persuasive, you'll be getting published or on the air in no-time.

* How to avoid writing and producing stories that won't sell. This trick alone will save you days of lost productivity.

* How to earn at least $1,000 a day in your pajamas working from home! This little-known piece of advice could mean big bucks!

*How to get invited to some of the hottest celebrity parties in the world and become friends with the celebrities

* The top five ways to sneak into a celebrity-filled party

* How to get behind-the-scenes access to some of the world's best sporting events, film and music festivals, awards shows, trade conferences – WITHOUT having to work

* And how to get on the field at the Super Bowl and get yourself on TV in front of 1 billion people!


You get all of that and a whole lot more!

In six months from now, you can be in the same job, doing your same course, feeling the same old frustrations. Or instead, picture yourself feeling exhilarated at seeing your name in print, voice on radio, or face on TV, knowing you're living the life you want to lead.

Just imagine the thrill of going to bed each night, knowing you've just interviewed some of the world's most interesting people and are the envy of all your friends.  And the best part is, if I can do it – so can you!


Insider Journalism Secrets – Behind The Scenes


Insider Journalism Secrets is NOT an ebook filled with “filler” content to get you to buy another, more expensive product.

It’s not a set of vague promises and “tips” you can find for free on google.

And it’s not something you’ll buy, read for 2 days and then toss aside to “read later”.

Instead, my 20 years as a print and TV journalist went into creating this program that will almost FORCE you to find your dream job.

And it’s not just me giving you the advice.

I’ve also gathered SEVEN of the world’s leading journalists to give you their advice also.


Three bonus gifts


I’m also throwing in 3 valuable bonus gifts to increase your chances even more of landing that journalism job.


Bonus # 1: Insider Journalism Secrets audio series. ($497 value)


This bonus includes a series of downloadable interviews featuring SEVEN of the world’s leading journalists. I’ve interviewed them all individually with one goal in mind: To teach you how to make it in the world of journalism.

I'm talking about some of the most respected, highly paid and in demand journalists on the planet.

The seven journalists are:

Scott Van Pelt


Interview #1, Scott Van Pelt, ESPN / SportsCenter anchor. Van Pelt tells the story of how he became one of the most recognizable faces on American television WITHOUT a journalism degree. Plus how you can get your start in television






Michael Ware


Interview #2, Michael Ware, former CNN Baghdad correspondent and Time magazine reporter. Ware details the life of a war correspondent, including his horrifying story of being captured and escaping from al-Qaeda







Scott Shannon


Interview #3, Scott Shannon, WPLJ radio DJ in New York City and National Radio Hall of Fame inductee. Shannon talks about his almost 40-year-journey from first-time DJ in small-town America to the No. 1 spot in New York







Adam Ellick


Interview #4, Adam Ellick, New York Times video and print journalist. Ellick teaches you how to make it as a multi-platform journalist, reporting for both print and video AND how to live half the year overseas whilst making money freelancing






Brad Blanks


Interview #5, Brad Blanks, former WPLJ radio roving reporter and celebrity journalist. Blanks tells the story of how he transformed himself from an Australian accountant into a hugely popular New York radio personality






Craig Hutchison


Interview #6, Craig Hutchison, Australian TV personality and Australian Rules football reporter. Hutchison teaches you how to break stories, be a great news maker and develop a network of sources






Taryn Southern


Interview #7, Taryn Southern, Celebrity journalist and TV host in Hollywood, California. Southern teaches you how to produce a great showreel and turn that into a glittering Hollywood career






Understand the value of this bonus alone.

I’ve managed to gather the best advice from seven of the world's top journalists.

Based on some of these journalists’ speaking fees alone, these bonus interviews, which I'm giving you today for free, are worth thousands of dollars. 

You probably know that one of the most important parts of achieving success is getting great advice from the best.

These guys are the best at what they do. A college lecturer is not going to have anywhere near the level of experience as these guys.

These seven journalists will teach you how to take action, stay motivated and avoid bad mistakes and habits that can set you back years. They will share secret tips and techniques to help you get fast results.

These audio interviews will blast you into a mental state of anything is possible as you rocket into your path of success! They have a combined 150 years of trial and error in media.

So, get ready to be inspired by their stories and their words of wisdom – all with your success in mind. All with the goal of helping YOU create the journalism career you want.

But that’s not all you get.


Bonus # 2: “Insider Journalism Secrets audio series transcripts”. ($497 value)


Audio interviews transcripts

You’re not only going to be able to listen to these interviews on your Ipod or in your car. I'm also going to send you the full written transcripts of the very same interviews.

This way, you don’t have to spend hours of time writing down notes. It will all be there for you in black and white. The transcription is already done. This bonus alone is worth hundreds of dollars and you get it today, for free!

And finally, a third bonus.


Bonus # 3: “How to Become a Celebrity Journalist ebook” ($29.95 value)

How to Become a Celebrity Journalist

I'm going to send you an electronic copy of my first book. It’s filled with useful ways to get a job as a celebrity journalist, but the same tricks can be used in other journalism fields, too.

This book explains in more detail how I went from living in a Hermosa Beach hostel and being almost broke to interviewing and partying with some of the world’s top celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Jon Bon Jovi and a whole lot more.

And you’ll get this book absolutely free. “Become a Celebrity Journalist” has been selling online since 2009 for $29.95.

But you get it absolutely free when you pick up Insider Journalism Secrets today.




If you take my advice, then put a bottle of champagne on ice and get revved up for some lobster, because you're going to be celebrating very soon. Say goodbye to slaving away in a job you don’t love or feeling like you’re living a life of mediocrity.

Because every time you start your work day, it will be with vigor and enthusiasm! You’re literally going to freak out because my book offers as much useful information as you'll get from an entire four-year college education.

I promise, you will be astonished at what’s inside the book, as it cures you from the debilitating thought that journalism is only for those with degrees. You will abandon all negative thoughts and launch into a full-frontal assault to get the journalism job you want.

Now here’s what’s really great: You do not have to wait more than a minute to get this book. In fact you will have it within seconds. Nothing is shipped to you and you will have instant access to the entire book in about 30 seconds. How cool is that? 


Imagine beind read, seen or heard by millions


Now, imagine your work being read by millions around the world and seeing your name in print. Imagine producing TV stories and having people admire your work. 

Imagine being on radio and becoming a personality. Imagine getting out of the rut and forging the journalism career you’ve always dreamed about. I hope you’re still here because I want to make sure you get all my advice.


Built from the ground up to be with you every step of the way


  • You’ll never be alone. You’re going to get access to my newsletter.
  • I’ll keep emailing you cool tips ongoing.
  • You’ll get even more tips that I couldn’t fit into my book or lessons from the SEVEN journalists.
  • Blunt, honest answers to your toughest journalism job search questions.


More proof that Insider Journalism Secrets works 


“Hey James, a great read, mate! For me, it reinforces why my personality suits journalism and highlights the possibilities that being a journalist gives people. The crossover between Australia, the UK and America gives a nice broad appeal to people from all of these countries. I liked the fact that you talked about income because I know that's what a lot of people think about when considering journalism. A great book!” LACHLAN DYSON, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia"

“James, thank you for your Insider Journalism Secrets. I learned so much from it. For anyone wanting a job in journalism, this will literally turn everything you think you know on its head.” RACHAEL FLATT, Connecticut, USA"


“This book is such an inspirational insight into the world of journalism, from the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, to the pain and chaos of war. Reading his book, you find there’s a lot more to journalism than just writing an article. It’s finding a niche where you can enjoy sharing an amazing story with the world. With James Swanwick’s achievements and credentials, not reading this would be a disadvantage to say the least. “DIANA BERQUIST, Melbourne, Australia"


But….this isn't for everyone


Listen, maybe this isn't for you. Not everybody wants to change their lives.

Insider Journalism Secrets is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a quick fix solution without putting in the challenging work.

You’re not willing to put yourself out there and ask others for help.

You think sending in a resume to 1000s of media organizations will still give you the best chance of a job.

Insider Journalism Secrets IS for you if:

You want to change your life.

You want to take your career to the next level

You are willing to invest in yourself, knowing that a dream journalism career will make you incredibly happy

You are comfortable putting yourself out of your comfort zone (ex: meeting successful journalists for coffee, pitching story ideas to people you don’t know)

For those of you who fit into the “Insider Journalism Secrets IS for you” group, this truly is an amazing opportunity.


Today, and for a limited time, you get the Insider Journalism Secrets ebook 


all THREE of those bonuses for just $97.


That's a value of OVER $1000.

Usually, I sell this package for $297.

But today, you get it for just $97.





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Compare this to the cost and time of a university or college degree


If you were going to complete a journalism degree at a US college, you could be paying upwards of $100,000. And that degree would likely take you up to four years to complete.

I’m giving you so much more useful information for a fraction of that price. I will literally save you thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition fees and other associated costs. Trust me on this.

And it's all yours for just $97. You can't find this anywhere else at any price.

Remember this: Things are not changing, they have already changed.

If you don’t grab on to my advice and the advice of these top journalists, your competitor will. And they will eat your lunch.

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It's cutting edge information. It contains advice from seven of the world’s most respected journalists.

Again, these seven journalists command thousands of dollars in appearance fees speaking at late-night dinners, awards shows and universities and colleges.

With this package, you get their advice and their tuition – on audio and in transcript form – plus my book, Insider Journalism Secrets, plus my first book, How to Become a Celebrity Journalist, all for just $97.

I really want you to learn from the best. I really want you to be part of this training because I know it’s going to make you happy.

Why wait to get started when you could literally access this entire training today and be on your way to the journalism career of your dreams tomorrow? If you really apply yourself, you can do that.

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Order the product, and give it your own personal “test run”. 

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Thank you again for reading.  I’ll see you on the other side!

James Swanwick


With James's Personal 60-Day No-Questions Money Back Guarantee Use the Insider Journalism Secrets system for 60 days. If this package doesn't help you get noticed in the journalism world, just ask and you will get a no-question, no-hassle refund.

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