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James Swanwick’s Life Story

1:00: The one-minute story-of-your-life game

3:00: James’ early difficulties with women

3:30: Why college is (often) a waste

4:50: Lessons learned working for a newspaper

7:30: James moves to the UK

10:00: Covering the World Cup

12:05: James falls in love

13:00: Heartbreak and the decision to move to LA

13:30: James’ labor career in LA

15:00: James the movie star correspondent

17:10: The Jack Nicholson interview

19:00: Lots of star interviews

20:20: Achieves fixed retainer with multiple magazines

21:45: James interviews Bon Jovi

22:40: James turns into a douche

24:10: The start of a news agency

25:00: Financial crisis hits

27:45: James goes to South America

32:00: Giving up drinking

32:50: James goes to Texas

34:50: The story of how James became an ESPN news anchor

46:00: Fear of success and fear of failure

49:40: Heartbreak (again)

51:50: James seeks out relationship experts

54:15: The importance of mentors

59:00: Get used to failure

1:00:00: Why you should create impossible deadlines for yourself

1:05:00: Work with James

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