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Knowing James has been a real game changer. James has more experience but we have the same 'just f'ing do it' mentality. Seeing someone succeed so strongly with that approach helped me realize not just the mistakes in my own thinking, but the potential for success. I 100% know that without James, I would not be nearly as productive, successful, and happy as I am today.


I applied your strategies to an up and coming publishing startup and not only was the CEO impressed, he offered a slot for the next issue coming out! Not paid and not out of the darkness yet, but without your book and help, I wouldn't have gotten a foot at the door for this one :)


I do a ton of interviews, but James asked some of the best questions and that helped it to be one of the most useful interviews I’ve ever given. He is truly a world class interviewer, I will name my second son after him.


Holy crap, your book had me smiling the whole time! So cheeky. I thought I’d pulled some stunts to get hired by the STAPLES Center, but you have years worth of strategy. Really fantastic advice. THANK YOU.


I read your Insider journalism secrets book, and It's been real life changing. Your book has enlightened me on Journalism and everything it is. I know you're probably thinking how could I have finished that so fast but I completed reading the book in only 3 days since I was so excited.

I love how you talked about using your journalism credibility to get yourself into places you couldn't have gotten in to as just a regular person. The Chapter about Blagging was mind blowing!

I like that you share your own personal experiences to show readers that the things you say can be done. Like how you wrote about the time you were going to move to LA and began freelancing and selling your stories to multiple brands. How you made something out of nothing by simply importing just a bit of hustle to get familiar with certain publicists; it is all very exciting and inspiring and tells me to go make that happen for myself as well!

I also began to read some of the books you recommended to grab like "Hone your Hustle", and "Goals" by Brian Tracy.

I feel very motivated to go out there and make something happen for myself thanks to your advice and mentorship. You have inspired me to do something about my confusion and uncertainties when it pertains to trying to get started. Thanks to the advice in your book, today I got an internship at school to be the sports cameraman to film The Men and Women's basketball games! Your book made that happen by showing me to hone my hustle ! I didn't just stop there, I offered the Athletics Director who hired me, some ideas of what to do in addition to recording games. I told him about trying to get more students to create a program for students to be sideline reporters and even have a College TV anchor team to deliver the news just like ESPN ! He looked at me with the look that he should had thought of that a long time ago and thanked me!!

Thank you James for your help... I'm pretty sure you've noticed that I am following you on Facebook, and Instagram. I want to thank you and ask if there is anything else you would like to share that would be useful for someone interested in journalism? It's always appreciated what you can do!

Thank you, Gabrie


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