See what fellow journalists and graduates are saying about James's program, Insider Journalism Secrets:


Drew Turney, Los Angeles, USA


"James, you're a genius! I'm so eager to hoover up all your advice. After reading some of the stuff in your first book, How To Become a Celebrity Journalist, I thought I'd found a kindred spirit. I loved hearing the rest of the story in Insider Journalism Secrets. Like you, I have no intention of playing by the rules and intend to make a very good living from journalism, despite some saying, ‘There's no money to be made as a writer.’ But as you've said many a time, ‘Don't just write. Hustle!’ Top marks, James! Brilliantly done!" DREW TURNEY, Los Angeles, USA



Rachael Flatt, Connecticut, USA


"James, thank you for your Insider Journalism Secrets. I learned so much from it. For anyone wanting a job in journalism, this will literally turn everything you think you know on its head." RACHAEL FLATT, Connecticut, USA






Dionne Clarke, London, UK


"This book is perfect for anyone seeking a career in journalism. I found it very useful even though I've been in the industry for ten years." DIONNE CLARKE, London, UK






Georgia Cassimatis, Sydney, Australia

"I just finished reading your book. It's fantastic. As a journalist it really inspired me and took me down memory lane actually regarding my own career. It also made me realise why I got into journalism in the first place as well as reminding me of a few key things. Very well written – simple, to the point and inspiring. Well done."  GEORGIA CASSIMATIS, Sydney, Australia





Lachlan Dyson, Melbourne, Australia

"Hey James, a great read, mate! For me, it reinforces why my personality suits journalism and highlights the possibilities that being a journalist gives people. I love the fact that you emphasize that it is not so much about the writing but instead the interaction of people and about having a curious mind. The crossover between Australia, the UK and America gives a nice broad appeal to people from all of these countries. I liked the fact that you talked about income because I know that's what a lot of people think about when considering journalism. A great book! " LACHLAN DYSON, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia



Diana Berquist, Sydney, Australia

"This book is such an inspirational insight into the world of journalism, from the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, to the pain and chaos of war. This book not only motivates the unmotivated, but also those who already have the drive for this industry. It provides great insight to the different and amazing adventures that come from being a journalist. I realize that all the things James has experienced as a journalist – travelling the world, meeting celebrities and politicians and attending historic events – it’s all within our grasps in this industry. Reading his book, you find there’s a lot more to journalism than just writing an article. It’s finding a niche where you can enjoy sharing an amazing story with the world. With James Swanwick’s achievements and credentials, not reading this would be a disadvantage to say the least." DIANA BERQUIST, Sydney, Australia


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