183: Radical Honesty: Should You Tell Your Spouse You Cheated? BOOK REVIEW

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“Yesterday's truth is today's bullshit.” ? Brad Blanton

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What is radical honesty? You probably consider yourself to be a decently honest person. You don't really lie. Well, maybe a little white lie here and there. But nothing serious, right?

Brad Blanton's contention is that any type of dishonesty, from the smallest white lie to even the withholding of any information is detrimental to us as humans, and causes us stress. When we withhold the way that we truly feel from anyone, we bear the brunt of that withholding, and is doing us harm.

The solution he outlines in his book “Radical Honesty” is to be extreme in your honesty. To not withhold ANYTHING, no matter how graphic, or how small, or how you think it may make the other person feel. He believes that by doing this, you are freeing yourself of the heavy weight of withholding information, and will be a far freer and happier person for it.

What do you think?

“It is common for people to ruin their lives and kill themselves through withholding.” ? Brad Blanton

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Key Takeaways

  • Withholding information, not telling people exactly how we feel and think, keeps us in jail
  • Tell the truth to get rid of the stress caused by lying
  • A lot of times after you reveal the facts, the anticipated catastrophe doesn't even happen
  • Telling the truth means truly expressing all
  • It's not normal to be honest, but the honest person who tells the truth is most free and alive kind of adult human being you will ever see
  • Whenever possible talk face to face with a person you are upset with

Layers of Telling the Truth

  1. Reveal the facts
  2. Honestly express current feelings and thoughts
  3. Expose the fiction that you have devised to represent yourself and your history



“Radical Honesty” by Brad Blanton


Show notes: JamesSwanwick.com/183

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