247: My Top 21 Success Principles

Today I’m going over my 21 principles for success. These are the things that I do daily to ensure that my life is setup for as much success as possible. Implement these in your own life to turn it around!Slowly, maybe one at a time, create a habit out of each of these 21 steps.

The Principles:

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Practice gratitude daily. 2-minutes is enough
  3. Meditate. Try using an app like Headspace
  4. Daily visualization of the life you want. Be specific, and put it on a board
  5. Hold yourself accountable to other people for what you want to do
  6. Get consistent feedback on your work
  7. Daily exercise. Not regular, but every single day
  8. Be an “ask-hole.” Always ask for help, and always ask for what you want
  9. Invite people to do things with you
  10. Stop complaining. No matter how much you have to complain about, find something positive
  11. Don’t by GOOP: the Good Opinion of Other People. If you believe in something, go for it
  12. Pay to get rich. Invest in yourself through coaches, mentorships, books, training, etc. Pay to get better
  13. Practice radical honesty
  14. Practice radical forgiveness
  15. Be a complementing machine. Always find something to compliment people about
  16. Use the concept of “sets and reps” to get better at everything in your life
  17. Take 100% responsibility for your life
  18. Smile. It’s as simple as that. Make a habit of it
  19. Just do it. If you’re wondering if you want to do something, you probably do, so just do it
  20. Just do it NOW! Don’t wait. The best time to do anything is right now
  21. Be persistent. Never, ever, give up!




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