323: How to Sell Physical Products on Amazon

In 2015 James Swanwick started listening to a podcast that changed his life. He decided to take action and change his life. He did this by investing. Not in stocks, bonds, or real estate, but by investing in himself.

James had certainly been mentored and coached for free, but the information didn’t have much meaning. It wasn’t until he actually had skin in the game and put money into himself that he finally felt the drive and need to take action. He needed that return on his investment, and it drove him into success.

Since then James has sold over 25 million dollars worth of products. He’s also started his own business, selling his own products, and makes 8 figures a month selling on Amazon.

If you’ve been wanting take the leap into actually becoming a full time entrepreneur, James shares the program that literally changed his life. If you’ve been looking for the final push to get into running your own business and changing your quality of life, this is your chance.

This program is not run by James, but it is the program that made his dreams of success a reality. To encourage you to take action and start selling, James is throwing in a bonus offer. If you sign up for the program and e-mail him a photo of your receipt James will take the time to  personally coach you.

To give you the scale of what a major bonus this is, his usual rates for coaching is $1,000 per hour.

Download this episode of the James Swanwick show today and hear how you can finally take control of your life and get to where you want to be by selling products online through Amazon.

Key Points

  • Find other people to show the way.
  • When you pay for coaching, you pay for attention.
  • If you send a receipt of the program to James he will give you free coaching.
  • After getting coaching and training James was able to sell over 25 million dollars worth of products.
  • Currently James is making six figures a month from selling on Amazon.
  • James is willing to give free training and consultation, which usually costs $1,000 a month.
  • This offer closes October 26th, 2017.
  • Training will give you a step by step blueprint to sell products.
  • By signing up you’ll be ready to start selling and making money within 30 days.



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