260: Aaron Marino of Alpha Male on Fashion, Overnight Success, and Business

A lot of you will already know my guest today. Aaron Marino of Alpha M is an expert in fashion, self-discovery, confidence, and business. Today we’re talking about fashion, swag, and success for the modern man.

In the current age, an alpha male is a much different thing than it has been throughout history. In previous ages, dressing well was almost considered feminine, and not often conflated with the idea of the alpha male. But all of that has changed, and that is what I’m speaking with Aaron Marino about today.

We also dig into the idea of the overnight success (spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist), the single most important aspect to look at in clothing, and why each failure leads you one step closer to success. All that and more, on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • In the modern age, the idea of an alpha-male is less one-dimensional than it used to be
  • Start helping people. Be self-less to start discovering yourself and gain confidence
  • Overnight success almost never happens. Success take time
  • Fit is the single most important aspect of clothing to consider
  • Develop a grooming habit and stick to it!
  • If you fear starting something, go through the worst-case scenario. It’s probably not that bad
  • Each failure leads you closer to success
  • We buy products that we connect with on an emotional level
  • Alcohol often leads to crappy foods. Quitting alcohol can cause a healthy chain reaction




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