175: Abused By a London Taxi Driver

“Life is competition. Life progresses, and if you don’t progress you get slaughtered.” – James Swanwick

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I was recently abused by a London taxi driver. Taking an Uber across London, I was verbally abused by a taxi driver. Listen to the episode to get the full scoop on the story…

But what do you think about whol taxis versus Uber battle? It’s been heating up in a big way for a while, and I experienced it first hand recently in London.

The bigger issue here is the idea that technology is slowly and steadily replacing jobs, and displacing people who used to be comfortable with what they did. The world is becoming progressively trickier to navigate, especially for those unwilling to change.

This is the key takeaway of this episode: Continually educate yourself and up your game in terms of your skills and abilities, so that you don’t get stuck out of a job that’s been replaced by the fast march of new technology, with no good options. Plan for that time now!

Listen to the story of what happened with the London taxi driver on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • Life is competition from the day you are born. If you don’t progress you get slaughtered
  • Don’t whine about how times are changing. Change with the times
  • Educate yourself to always stay ahead of the curb
  • Creative and ingenuitive humans will always be needed in the world, so prove that you are that kind of person!


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