249: How You Can Build a Business for Social Good with Adam Force

In this age of big businesses, there is a subtle change that is starting to take place: Business are starting to focus on doing good! Whereas businesses used to focus exclusively on the bottom line and pocketing more money, social businesses are starting to pop up, whose founders and operators are focused on doing good in the world, and Adam Force is here to talk to us about that change.

The good news is that any business can change or tweak its focus to be more on social good than bottom line revenue, so this episode is a discussion of what the differences are in these two lines of thinking, how businesses can be changed to be more socially conscious, and how to start and build a business from the ground up that has this intent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Younger generations are more interested in buying things from companies that align with their values
  • In social entrepreneurship, you need to think about scaling impact above scaling income
  • Social entrepreneurs work to make money so that they can continue to address the problem that their business focuses on
  • Upfront self exploration is essential in effective social entrepreneurship
  • Look for ways to build scale into the original model of your business
  • Build systems for people to do good into your business



Twitter: @Change_Creator

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