155: Four Magic Mindset Mantras to Win with UFC Fighter Alan Belcher

“You want to really understand deeply the obstacles that are getting in your way so that you know how to defeat them.” – Alan Belcher

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No matter how hard you train, how in shape you are, or how ready you are for your defining moment, if your mindset isn’t right, it’s all for nothing. That’s why getting your mindset in order is one of the most important things to focus on, and today I have former UFC fighter Alan Belcher talking about exactly how you can do that!

As Alan explains, it’s all about remembering the 4 P’s of mindset: Present, Positive, don’t be a Pussy, and Process. We dive deeply into each of these on this episode, and when put together as a whole they combine to give you an unstoppable mindset!

So grab a pen and take notes so that you can make sure your mind is in the right spot next time it really counts! When everything is on the line, you MUST have your mindset straight, and that’s what you’re learning to do on this episode of The James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tactics and skills are important. But if you have all that but not the mindset, it doesn’t matter
  • Don’t be out of shape
  • Don’t give up
  • Every level that you attain, you will always be searching for the next level. This is human nature, and if you understand it, you can use it to your advantage
  • Have motivational triggers that get you into the right mindset
  • When you’re in a bad place, don’t think about the possible bad outcomes, but focus on the processes that will get you where you want to go



“You have to realize that the negative thoughts in your head is you self-sabotaging yourself.” – Alan Belcher

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Four Magic Mantras to Get Your Mindset Right. Four P’s

  1. Present: This takes place before the moment you want to quit. Understand what can hold you back and be prepared
  2. Positive: Realize that negative thoughts in your head are you self-sabotaging yourself
  3. Don’t be a pussy: Become the person who will talk straight to yourself, and give it to yourself straight
  4. Process: Don’t get too caught up in the end-goal. Focus on the process, one step at a time


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