228: How to Always Have Something to Say to Women with Owen Cook

There are few things that terrify and paralyze men more than talking to women. Most men want to desperately, and that desire and desperation is the very thing that holds them back, keeps them from doing, and then not being successful when they finally get up the gumption to go for it. Men spend tons of time worrying about what they are going to say, trying desperately to avoid running out of things to say to women at that critical moment.

Today I have Owen Cook of “Real Social Dynamics” on the podcast, and we’re talking about how to never run out of things to say to women. We’re going over a lot of tips, but one of the most important ones is that you have to understand and fully believe that what you have to say, and what you are saying in the moment, is good and has value simply because you are saying it, and not for the actual content. When you truly believe that, you will display confidence and what you are saying will be attractive.

And there is so much more in this one. So pick up a pen and paper to take notes, because whether you’re in the dating scene, or you just want to make sure that in social situations you never run out of things to say, this episode will give you the tools you need. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • Often not having anything to say is a “lagging indicator” of other issues in your life
  • In social interactions you should not be worries about what to say, you should be focused on the person
  • Whatever you have to say has value purely because it comes from you
  • If you think what you have to say is valuable, it will be attractive to who you’re talking to
  • You must believe in what you have to say
  • What you have to say is interesting because you find it interesting
  • Whatever you feel is what the person you’re talking to will feel
  • Always approach anyway, even if you don’t feel like everything is in your favor
  • Lower your standards of how good what you have to say is
  • It’s not what you say, but the energy behind what you say
  • Don’t plan ahead, stay in the moment


Owen Cook on YouTube


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