154: How I Got Arnold Schwarzenegger to Promote My Product

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Would you be tenacious enough to go straight up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and ask him for what you wanted? I wasn’t at first…

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time hanging out at an event with Arnold Schwarzenegger. From the beginning, I knew that the ideal outcome would be that I would get a picture and maybe a video clip with Arnold wearing Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses.

Unfortunately, I almost completely missed the opportunity because I didn’t want to bother him, and was overall not tenacious enough. At first…

When I finally became tenacious in going after what I wanted, that’s when it all came together for me, as you will hear in this show. There are a lot of life lessons here, so listen to this episode to learn how to be aggressive and tenacious about getting what you want!

Key Takeaways:

  • Main Mission: Try to get Arnold to wear Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses
  • When you miss your opportunity with busy, in-demand people, you have to be tenacious to find another opportunity
  • Regardless of how many times it seems like you miss your opportunity, you can still probably get another one if you want it bad enough
  • Just ask for what you really want! Don’t beat around the bush, ask for it!
  • Always think bigger!


Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses
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