200: How To Become A Master of Sales with Bill Caskey

“The best time to prospect is when you don’t need anything.” – Bill Caskey

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When it comes to accomplishing great things in this life, selling, or rather persuading, is one of the most important skills to learn. Without good sales techniques, it is nearly impossible to inspire any real change in the world. A common misconception is that salespeople convince people to do things that they don’t want to do, when in reality the good salesperson it simply helping people do what they should be doing in the first place, and doing what will help them in the long run.

Bill Caskey is my guest on today’s episode, and on this episode he is going through the 5 specifics steps to becoming a master salesperson. When it comes to sales, a lot of it is a mind game in the mind of the salesperson, and Bill’s steps will absolutely help you get your mind right on these topics, and will absolutely make a huge difference in your sales efforts.

So whether you are actively involved in sales, run a business, or don’t even consider yourself involved in sales in the traditional way, you will find these techniques and steps extremely helpful if you pay careful attention and implement in your life today! Enjoy!

“As a salesperson, you need to go deep and connect with someone to understand their pain point deeply.” – Bill Caskey

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Key Takeaways:

  • If you cannot sell, you will never have very much money, or influence
  • When you don’t know what you’re doing, sales will always be a terrible struggle. Learning the right techniques can really turn that around
  • Sales are all about inspiring people to make decisions that will help them in the long run
  • In a perfect sales process, you don’t even know you’re being sold
  • The best time to prospect is when you don’t need anything
  • When a salesperson doesn’t make the call, they’re saying “no” for the person, when, for all they know, the person could need it desperately!
  • As a salesperson, you need to go deep and connect with someone to understand their pain point deeply

5 Steps to Become a Master Salesman

  1. You must be detached from the outcome. Don’t be too attached
  2. Condition yourself to see abundance in the world, and not scarcity
  3. Understand your specific intention for each interaction, make focus it on high intent: The prospect, their needs and their problems
  4. Be authentic and don’t act like a salesperson. Understand the requirements of a prospect to make a decision. Stop selling, and start creating an environment where the buyer is selling you
  5. Position yourself as an expert, not by talking about being an expert, but by being an expert


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