143: How to Increase Your Income Through Storytelling with Bo Eason

“Society has told us being a predator is a bad thing. But a predator is noble, trustworthy, can be lethal, and is impossible to ignore.” – Bo Eason

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Have you ever been to a stand-up comedy show? Watched one on TV? If you have, you’ll know that one of the trademarks of the genre is the performer sharing embarrassing real-life stories with the audience. It’s what makes us laugh! We might not all have the same embarrassing experience as the comedian, but everyone can relate to the feeling of being embarrassed. It’s universal.

Today on the James Swanwick Show I’m talking with Bo Eason, former NFL player and current performer, speaker, and storyteller. He’s sharing his experiences and expertise in telling his unique story to engage with an audience. As Bo knows, when you tell your story, the more personal and specific it becomes, the more universal its appeal. It seems counterintuitive, but the details of your story will remind the audience of their own life and then they’ll connect more with yours. So don’t be shy!

In performing and telling stories, it’s important to get your audience’s attention right away. You want them to be captivated from the first sentence on. Bo’s advice to draw them in immediately is to put the audience in the middle of the story. Let them know where your story is going, and they’ll be more interested in learning how you got there.

You might be thinking, I don’t know what my story is. Bo has tips for that too! Every story starts at the bottom of a mountain, with someone with a dream trying to achieve it. So think about what your mountain is, what moment or decision in your life has defined its course, and then listen to what Bo has to say about sculpting your story.

Bo’s got great advice for finding your story, connecting with your audience, and learning how to perform in a way that’s impossible to ignore! You won’t give the same speech after listening to this podcast.


Notes on the Show:

  • From the first sentence, put your audience in the middle of a story to draw them in from the beginning
  • The more personal your story is, the more universal it becomes. This is because when you tell your story and get personal, your audience thinks about their own life, and co-creates their own story with you
  • When you find yourself tuning out what people are saying, it’s usually because there’s no personal story being told in what is being said
  • There is NO separating personal from anything else. Telling stories need to be a part of every part of your life and your presentation if you want to connect with people
  • People, and especially men, tend to be very reluctant to share personal information. So when it is shared, it’s powerful. The very reluctance to open up and tell stories makes what you say incredibly attractive to the listener
  • Every great story starts at the bottom of a mountain, about someone with a dream, and the process of achieving that dream
  • Make an effort to express yourself physically. Too often, people are taught to bottle up that type of movement. Use it to express yourself!
  • When someone is at the top of their game, people can’t look away
  • Society has awarded the title “predator” to the worst of society. But that’s not what a predator is! A predator is noble, fierce, aggressive, and impossible to ignore
  • Embrace who you already are as a fierce predator, male or female, and channel that into the stories that you tell
  • When people can’t look away from you, only better things happen in your life and your potential to do incredible things with your life
  • When telling stories, look for your defining moment, and how it shapes who you are now, and consider circling your story around that moment
  • Embarrassing moments are one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Everyone has felt it, but not everyone wants to share it, so people connect strongly with you when you share embarrassing moments with them
  • Most importantly, be true to who you are in your stories!

“The people who are closest to their own nature, and have a relationship with it, warts and all, are going to be the people who will lead.” – Bo Eason

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