196: Burning Man Takeaways and Perspective

Burning Man has a unique reputation in the world. Most people associates hippies with it, but most people also feel quite a bit of curiosity toward it. I took a trip out to burning man just recently, and recorded some of my thoughts on the whole experience, and I’m presenting them to you in this episode.

One of the key thoughts here is to avoid being too judgy about any idea before you have tested for yourself. A lot of people think about the more ‘spiritual’ practices of forgiveness in your heart, perhaps writing down what you’re holding a grudge over on a piece of paper and then burning it, to be too much of the ‘woo woo’ sort of self-help.

But don’t close your mind to anything that has the possibility to help you! Test everything! Some things won’t be for you, but some things may really surprise you with how much the help! Give anything a shot for a set period of time, and see if it produces the desired results. If it doesn’t throw it away. If it does, make it a part of your process.

Key Takeaways from Burning Man

  • Find times to let loose in a way that would not always be considered socially acceptable, if you’re the kind of person who needs outlets like that
  • Find ways to connect with your primal self when you can
  • Forgiveness is a very freeing experience. Don’t hold grudges against anyone, move on!
  • Test everything! You may think it seems strange or that it won’t work, but test everything to find out for yourself