296: How To Change Your Inner Self for Outward Success

The best gift that we can give ourselves is a better understanding of ourselves, and Lou Redmond is on today’s episode to speak about that process of finding ourselves, why it is so important, and what the benefits in life are.

If you find yourself struggling in your “outer world,” in your outer success, relationships, and happiness, it’s time to take a deep look at your “inner world.” Because your inner world is what sets you up for either success or failure in life. Peace inside will lead you to the ability to focus on what you want to improve, and to see the kind of success that you are looking for.

In addition, we’re digging into why your environment and the friends you surround yourself with will determine in a large part your success in what you are trying to do in life. If you feel like you keep self-sabotaging your efforts, and you need to optimize your inner-self, this episode is for you!

Key Points

  • Many people try to live a life of epic partying, instead of trying to live an epic life overall
  • The best gift that we can give ourselves is a better understanding of ourselves
  • A lot of people work a job so that they can “enjoy life” on the weekend, rather than looking at their life as a whole, and trying to make the entirety better
  • A lot of us sabotage ourselves by the social circle we choose to be in
  • If you want to make a change in your life, get around other people who have done the things you want to do
  • When you’re trying to make a change, there will always be discomfort and nervousness. But push through, you’ll be glad you did on the other side
  • When you start making changes and seeing the difference, you can almost become addicted to the success, in a good way!
  • Meditation is not about zoning out, but about connecting to yourself
  • Your inner world will immediately affect your outerworld
  • That is why you must do the inner work of self-development
  • Pay careful attention to “who” your environment is, the friends you are surrounding yourself with



Book: “Finding Your Truth” by Lou Redmond

Book: “I Hope I Screw This Up” by Kyle Cease


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