269: Past Pain And Present Energy; How Do You Resolve This? With Cindy Mazzaferro

Do you have past pain? Does past negative energy hold you back from feeling truly happy? Is something in your past weighing you down? Does it bring about an on-going feeling of mediocrity? We all have felt these negative emotions at one time or another.

On this show I interview Cindy Mazzaferro, a motivational speaker, and energy and vibrational healer who details different steps to resolve past pain and present energy. She teachers others how to transform their mental understanding, by taking action steps forward in the opposite direction from what is holding them back.

Do you often times find yourself falling down a negative downward spiral? Or having trouble with positive energy? Find out how you can resolve your problems with negative energy and negative emotions on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways

  • Cindy explains how past energy, and emotions, can trickle into your everyday energy, and often times can affect your mood in a negative way.
  • It is common for feelings of self-anger, resentment, and guilt to create bad vibrations internally, which create unhealthy situations in our body.
  • These unhealthy situations in our bodies can often times manifest into outside bodily issues.
  • There is nothing better, and more important than taking ownership, feeling empowered, and finding your true authentic self.
  • There are practical steps to resolve these problems of insecurity, and emotions of negativity.
  • The first, is to identify the problem that is holding you back.
  • The second, is that every time we start to feel negative, and we are stepping into a situation that brings us this negative energy, we need to be assertive with ourselves by telling ourselves we are powerful.
  • The third is, once you are working on your negative energy in a positive way, then you need to figure out a way to create this positive space in your future.
  • The more often that you focus on your positive energy, the more easy it becomes for you to send out positive energy.
  • As you nurture this, you, yourself, will become a happier person who creates innate patterns within. These patterns will create a comfortable and serene place of community for yourself.
  • Leave behind your life of feeling unhappy, under-valued, unappreciated, lonely, isolated, purposeless, passionless, judged, and unlovable, and start loving yourself fully the way you deserve.
  • YOU are powerful, you can take comfort in yourself, and believe in your own means.
  • Look for Cindy‚Äôs newest book, Powerful Beyond Measure, coming out on April 4th



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