185: How & Why to Appreciate Success Along the Journey with Dan Ilic

“Hustle can make up for lack of natural gifting, and is the one thing you control.” – Dan Ilic

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Do you take time to look back and reflect on your success along the way? A lot of us, especially the type-A personalities, have a hard time dwelling on past success. Instead, who hone in on the failures, or the things that didn’t go the way we planned. We think that it’s helping us turn into more successful people by beating ourselves up for past failures, when in reality reviewing our success and where we’ve come from would be much better for our health and well-being!

Today is a conversation with comic Dan Ilic, while we take a hike on Runyon Canyon, and the conversation hits on a lot of points. We talk about the importance of daily gratitude and the practicality of using a gratitude journal, about how when we hope for something and it doesn’t happen we feel like we’ve lost something when in reality we never had it, and so have lost nothing, and much more.

This is a deep one, so make sure to listen carefully. It’s easy to get frustrated when you feel like you haven’t made the kind of progress you would like to. But it’s important to keep in mind where you’ve come from, and stay continually thankful for what you have in your life, to continue on the journey to where you want to be.

“Go out of your way to prove that you’re valuable in your niche. Do whatever it takes to demonstrate it.” – Dan Ilic

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Key Takeaways


  • Hustle can make up for lack of natural gifting
  • Go out of your way to prove that you’re valuable in your niche. Do whatever it takes to demonstrate it
  • Don’t forget the wins in your past. It’s easier to remember the losses than the wins
  • A lot of times when you want something and it doesn’t happen, you feel a sense of loss, but it’s not real, because you never had any of it!
  • There will always be people better and worse off than you. What’s essential is that each human finds out how to get the most joy and fulfillment out of their life, regardless of how the world judges their success
  • Use a gratitude journal to rewire your brain for gratefulness
  • You’re always your own harshest critic. Often, it’s the hardest to see your own success, but you must to feel fulfillment!


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