257: Limitless: Nootropics, Smart Drugs and Brain Hacking with Daniel Schmachtenberger

Do you remember the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper? In the movie, Cooper plays a character who gains access to a pill that will give his brain limitless functional capability, and completely turns his life around.

But is something like this possible in the real world?

My guest today is Daniel Schmachtenberger, founder of NeuroHacker, a company working to develop nootropics, a kind “brain pill” that increases brain function, alertness, and productivity. In addition, we’re talking about the kind of diet and lifestyle that results in optimal brain function, so listen to this episode to take your intelligence and brain functionality to the next level!

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern diets tend to be low in the nutrients the brain needs to perform at optimum levels
  • Modern habits also contribute toward sub-optimal brain power
  • Go local and organic for foods that won’t hamper brain functionality
  • For optimal ergonomics, look just slightly up at the screen, with the keyboard low
  • It’s important to understand the difference between facebook friends and deep, interpersonal human relationships
  • Smart drugs and nootropics are not supplements, would not appear in nature, and so boost mental performance beyond the baseline of good nutrition



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