152: ReWild Yourself: Reclaiming Our Untamed Nature with Daniel Vitalis

“Fundamentally, culture is at war against our nature, and any way that society can, it will suppress expressions of wildness.” – Daniel Vitalis

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Nature and society are at constant war with each other for our way of live. As a species that has evolved from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, our bodies are not adequately equipped to deal with a modern life. While the evolution from hunter-gatherer to farmer is usually seen a positive evolution, we need to understand the ways in which our bodies are designed to function, and how we can use this knowledge to hack our lives.

That’s what Daniel Vitalis is talking about on this episode of the show. As Daniel says, “Fundamentally, the culture is at war against our nature, and any way that society can, it will suppress expressions of wildness.” But this is a war worth fighting, and one that it would actually be deadly not to fight.

Because, as we get into in-depth on the show, there are real dangers to our health and the environment with the systems that have been put in place through our society. Even things as seemingly innocent as the plastic bottles we carry water in could be detrimental. Learn how, and so much more, on this episode of The James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • The hunter/gatherer lifestyle is a much healthier and easier lifestyle than farming. Farming is dawn till dusk, whereas hunter/gatherer was about 15 hours of work per week
  • The reality is that our ancestors who were hunter/gatherers were far more developed as a species than we often give them credit for
  • In modern society, our lifestyles are so far away from that of our ancestors, that everything we do, 24/7 is fitting against our nature
  • The genetics of food matters. That is why when we eat genetically altered and modified fruits and veggies, we still may be doing harm. Look for local food, that hasn’t been shipped as far, and retains more nutrition.
  • Check out farmers markets for this kind of produce, because it will often have been cut that morning, and not be genetically modified
  • Prioritize highly the water you drink. It must be high quality. You’re making 65% of your body out of water, so it’s crucial
  • Reverse Osmosis actually cleans water too much. If you add a pinch of sea salt to a 5 gallon jug of water, it will put some of those minerals back into the water
  • Keep plastic water bottles out of the sun. If they get sun, the plastic will break down in the water, and the plastic will have an estrogen-like effect on the body. Use glass bottles if possible
  • Get a HEPA filter to help with all of the dust in the air
  • Get some Swannies Blue Blocking glasses to protect your eyes from electronics

“How have humans gotten to a place in the last 10,000 years where we could potentially disrupt or destroy all life on this planet in the quest for technology.” – Daniel Vitalis

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HEPA Filter

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