268: Double-Down On What Makes You Happy

Everyone has one thing that they love with great emotion. Something that lights up their face with a smile when mentioned in passing. Whether that is a sport, a person, an object, or an action, we all have that one thing that holds importance inside of us. For me, I find great pleasure in watching my favorite band perform.

It all began in 1987, when at the age of 12, I fell in love with Bon Jovi. I was growing up in Brisbane, Australia, when I was invited to my first concert, unaware of how hard I would fall in love with this band. The concert brought great energy and fireworks of emotion. I was hooked. By 1989, the walls of my bedroom were covered in posters, and I was frequently referred to as “James who loves Bon Jovi.” I developed a great passion for their music over the years, and still see them in concert routinely. Usually, I would spend a moderate amount to see them perform, because I never found the more expensive tickets worth it. That was until recently, when I spent $472.50 on a single ticket. It was sporadic, and last minute, but more than worth it.

So why did I spend $472.50 on a ticket, and why do I recommend this action to friends? Find out more about the great rewards in investing in what you love on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways

  • Although I am not the enthusiast that I used to be, the positive memories that carry with Bon Jovi are endless, like the t-shirt I recieved for my 18th birthday, or the Bon Jovi figurine I was gifted for a different birthday.
  • That is why one day I decided to spend $472.50 on a single Bon Jovi Concert Ticket.
  • My love for the band lead me to treating myself to the best seat that I could afford, responsibly.
  • I was seven or eight sections back, direct center, right in front of Bon Jovi. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
  • Attending this concert, and purchasing such an excellent ticket gave me immense satisfaction.
  • Purchasing this ticket made me feel wealthy, and rich, and that the whole world was at my fingertips. It opened my eyes to the freedom that comes with spending on what you love.
  • Not only did it bring me to a high of emotion, but it rewired my brain. It made me realize that doing things independently brings me lots of satisfaction.
  • Being there by myself made me feel an immense power, that I didn’t need a partner, or company to do something like this. It was liberating.
  • It felt good knowing I could invest that amount of money in the concert ticket. It was satisfactory knowing it did not hurt me to invest that much in the concert. It brought me immense happiness knowing I was at a place where I could do that and not worry about it.
  • I have identified something that brings me pleasure, now you have to identify something that does the same to you.
  • Often times we deprive ourselves of joy because of the opportunity cost that comes with it.
  • If you enjoy being with friends, spend more time with them. If you like your family, invest time with them. Invest in what YOU love.
  • First- define what you love the most, and what brings you the most joy in life.
  • Second- pursue this, and then invest in it, whether it is investing your money, or your time.
  • I have never regretted spending almost $500 on a concert ticket, and neither will you if you invest in what brings you the ultimate joy.
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