327: Faith Brewer: I Have Brain Cancer

We all take life for granted. We push things off, and expect that we will have the time to do things later. But it’s possible that while you think you are healthy, and in reality you aren’t. One day you may think you are fine and the next find out you have a disease like cancer.

That’s exactly what happened to James’ lifelong friend, Faith Brewer.

One day Faith had an unexpected seizure that came out of nowhere. She was rushed to the hospital, and after runnings tests discovered that she had two brain tumors.

Unfortunately there is no cure for brain cancer.

Since her diagnosis Faith has found more appreciation for the world around her, and has discovered the importance of time. It’s no longer about putting things off, but doing things while she still can.

Faith has also decided to start speaking and giving awareness to this disease, which has been overshadowed by higher profiled cancers so there isn’t much money going to researching a cure.

Download this episode of the James Swanwick show and hear Faith’s first steps towards raising awareness and what her personal story of finding out she has cancer.

Key Points

  • James’ friend since childhood was recently diagnosed with Brain Cancer.
  • Faith was healthy until one day she has a seizure.
  • She felt she needed to stay strong, recover, and move on for her children.
  • There’s been a wide variety of reactions people have when they find out about her disease.
  • It’s best when people are positive about the news.
  • There is no cure for brain cancer.
  • Faith has begun to value time and everything around her much more.
  • It’s important to be aware of such diseases.
  • Send James words of inspiration to share with Faith.
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