293: What’s More Important? Family Or Career?

Are you trapped in a community bubble? Do you shun people for their political belief? You might be surprised to find just how different the world can be, even in the same country.

On this episode, James continues his journey through Tennessee. His adventures lead him to discover just how divided people are in America, through feedback he received from his social media while visiting a shooting range.

While visiting his friends, James also spoke with two girls in their early twenties that were amazed someone like him was unmarried in their forties. On the other hand, James was shocked that it was uncommon for a woman here to not have a husband and children by the age of 22. His eyes were opened to the idea of communities putting family values ahead of  career goals and fascinated at just how many ways there really are to live your life.

Key Points

  • James shares his experience in Tennessee with Trump Supporters versus his liberal friends back in Los Angeles, and explores the many ways to live your life.
  • James talks about how Americans wear their political views on their sleeves, and how divided communities can be.
  • The influence of community values: Career goals vs. Family goals.
    • Can you be content without a romantic relationship?
    • Can career success be fulfilling enough?
  • All the constant fighting in the world over personal perceptions.
  • The history of Tennessee's Centennial Park, and its creation to celebrate the 19th amendment.
  • Everyone has a right to an opinion and it seems harsh to push someone away just because they have conflicting views.
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