281: How to Rid Your Body of Alcohol with Success Story Geffrey Marr

It is a common belief that alcohol is a must-needed substance at social events. Whether you are hanging out at home on a friday night, or going out to eat with a group of friends, you will find alcoholic beverages are a constant. There are plenty of myths that come with alcohol, like the idea that in order to have a good time, you must drink, or in order to fit in, you must drink.

On today’s episode of the James Swanwick show, James is joined by Geffrey Marr, who completed James’s 30 day no alcohol challenge. Not only did Marr complete the 30 day challenge, but he went 93 days straight without the beverage. Marr found that there were no positives that came with drinking, but that there were a handful of negatives that came with the consumption. Geffrey found that ridding his diet of alcohol, allowed for him to make progress in other areas of his life.

Your life can be so much more beneficial without alcohol, with areas of your life, you never imagined, improving! Jeffrey joins James to detail all the positives that came to his life after leaving alcohol behind.

Key Points

  • Geffrey was motivated to take up the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge after realizing alcohol was not bringing anything positive to his life.  
  • It was simply something that he did because it was normal to do.
  • Would have a few beers a couple days a week, and spend $15-60 a night.
  • Whether he had a single beer, or a handful, he did not like how he felt the morning after.
  • As someone who runs his own business, he felt he was less motivated the morning after a night out, and falling behind on necessary tasks.
  • Once he decided that I would not be drinking for 30 days, it was as if a switch went off in his head. He immediately did not want a single drink.
  • Favorite part of the alcohol challenge: the private facebook group that gives you support.
  • Hardest part of the alcohol challenge: being in a situation where you would have previously drank.
  • Most surprising part of the alcohol challenge: the clarity that comes with the sobriety.
  • Teaching moment: what situations are actually most enjoyable, and not just seemingly fun, while drunk.
  • Such a societal norm for people to drink, that it seemed odd when I wouldn't. People questioning, “Why you won’t just have one drink?”
  • At first, it was weird going out to the bar, feeling as if he could not get loose, but after committing to the idea of being sober:
    • he began to have more fun, saved money, and has not done anything crazy
  • Benefits from 93 days without drinking:
    • When you are trying to develop your skill sets
    • Sleep better
    • Communicate better
    • Manage time better
    • Increasing your progress in the gym
    • Your mind becomes more aware
  • Through the challenge he learned that alcohol can hinder brain activity, distract you from healthy relationships, and lead to weight gain.
  • The 30 Day No Alcohol challenge will create a more motivated, healthier, determined you.

You can find Geffrey on instagram at Gmos2014
Click here for more information on the 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge

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