292: How to Sell More, Be Persuasive, and Generate MORE Revenue

Do you know how to effectively sell? The ability to sell is one of the most useful skills to have in this world. While it is essential to business, it also plays a large role in other aspects of your life. Your ability to persuade others will determine to a large extent the amount of success that you are able to have in life.

So today I am going through the details of how to improve your sales pitch and close more leads. When it comes to selling, a lot of it is an inner game with yourself to create the right mindset to be able to effectively help your lead take the action that will change their life!

Listen to this episode to find out how I was able to sell millions of dollars of product over the phone, and find out how to improve your pitch and become more persuasive!

Key Points

  • Consider your sales activity as helping people to take action that will be good for them. You’re helping them, not the other way around
  • No matter what you’re selling, it’s all about creating and showing value
  • Sales is all about identifying the pain point of your prospect
  • After you understand the pain, speak in that language, and focus on that
  • Get your prospect to identify their past, the pain, and then see your product as the solution to that pain
  • Understanding the pain, and having had it yourself, helps you so much
  • Ask your prospect how making the change they want to make, solving the pain, would change their life
  • Sales is all about comparing your past pain with the potential future of solving the pain
  • Authenticity is essential to sales
  • Your ability to open up and being genuine is going to separate yourself from other people who are trying to sell them
  • Review your sales pitch, and try to identify where you lost the sale


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