170: How to Control the “Inner Pig:” Stop Binge-Eating with Dr. Glenn Livingston

“Ask yourself where you would be in a year if you ate perfectly.” – Dr. Glenn Livingston

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Are you a binge-eater? Do you chronically over-eat? Maybe you’re just aware of the guilty pleasures that you let creep into your life habitually, and that you would be better off without them. Dr. Glenn Livingston is on the show today to help you learn how you can take control, eat the way you really want to, and thereby live the life you know you want to live!

Everyone has an inner-monster, and labeling it as such can go a long way towards helping you live the life you want to. Livingston calls his the “inner-pig,” but there are a variety of things you could call it, and allocating it to something different than you gives you additional willpower in your fight against the urges. You  can either do what you want to do, or acquiesce to the wishes of your inner monster. It’s your choice.

Understanding that eating the right way is actually what you want, and that you don’t want to continue the bad eating habits of your past is just the tip of the iceberg here, and Dr. Glenn Livingston has a lot to say about how to define what binge-eating is for you, how to craft the statement of what your perfect eating habits would look like, and why eating mindfully is so important to healthy eating. Listen up and learn on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

“Mindfully eat your food, aware of each bite, to avoid eating more than you really need/want.” – Dr. Glenn Livingston

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Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone needs to define for themselves what binge eating is, and what is not binge eating
  • Understand your inner monster, and label it to help you confine it
  • Regardless of your upbringing, your decisions are still your decisions and no one else’s. This doesn't discount the amount of work you may have to do to overcome your specific difficulties, but it is important that you understand that it is your decisions alone
  • Allocate the urges you want to avoid (binge-eating, etc) to your “inner- (monster pig, slacker)
  • Make sure you mindfully eat your food, aware of each bite, to avoid eating more than you really need/want
  • Create a definitive and declarative statement of what you want your eating habits to look like habitually
  • Ask yourself where you would be in a year if you followed your declarative statement perfectly
  • You must be confident that you are 100% sure in what you want, and that your inner-monster is the one trying to sneak ideas of cheating past you



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