146: Train Like Hugh Jackman, Tom Brady and Sly Stallone with their Personal Trainer, Gunnar Peterson

“In diet, you're either screwing up quality, quantity or timing. Find out which it is, and fix it.” – Gunnar Peterson

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Do you know what it takes to have the body of Hugh Jackman? What about Sly Stallone? Or Tom Brady? Maybe Bruce Willis? Gunnar Peterson is my guest on the James Swanwick Show today, and he’s bringing you the information you need to know to build a body like a celebrity or sports star.

Gunnar has a ton of value to bring on this show. We’re going over his top 10 tips to get an a-list celebrity body. Not only that, but we’re digging into the ways that you can make these kinds of workouts part of the rest of your life. Which means that you don’t need to spend hours and hours every day in the gym, or build your life around your nutrition plan. You can make it work with your schedule, regardless of how hectic and busy it is!

J-Lo called Gunnar the best trainer she ever had, and I think you’re going to see exactly why! So get excited and pumped to build the best body of your life! Learn how, on this episode of The James Swanwick Show!

10 Tips to Getting an A-List Hollywood Body

  1. Lift weights. Don’t just stick to cardio, even if you think you just want to drop some weight
  2. Do ab and core workout throughout the rest of the workout, don’t save it for the end
  3. Employ multi joint movements in your workout
  4. Mix up what you do first in the gym
  5. Mix up your workouts to keep your mind engaged throughout the workout
  6. Sequence movements from upper to lower, lower to upper, etc
  7. Look for what you’re the worst at in nutrition (quality, quantity, or timing), and focus on fixing that first
  8. Aim for appropriate meal sizes to your energy expenditure. Breakfast should be biggest, then lunch, and dinner should be the smallest. If you’re going to cheat, make it your post workout meal
  9. If you’re looking to lean-out for something specific, try to limit complex carbs (rize, breads, potatoes, pastas, wheat) for 3-7 days, after lunch. This will tighten up your body a lot
  10. Know how to eat defensively. Don’t get caught off guard traveling, at events with finger foods, etc. It’s hard to resist, especially if you’re feeling hungry. Eat defensively!






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