298: Mark Dhamma & Tristan Swanwick – Happiness, Stress, Sibling Relationships

Today’s episode is a conversation between myself, Mark Dhamma, and my brother Tristan. We cover a wide range of things, from the importance of relaxing and taking time off, especially for entrepreneurs to whom it does not usually come naturally, the value of changing your environment and habits to change your thought pattern, and why you need to experiment in everything you do to understand what works for you, and double down on that.

We also get into personality tests, and why it’s important to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and then focus on your strengths. Too many people don’t know, or they focus on their weaknesses, and this will not get you ahead, or give you the opportunity to be successful. Instead, focus on becoming the best at your strengths, and then surround yourself with people who will fill in the gaps left by your weaknesses.

Key Points

  • A lot of entrepreneurs are not good at relaxing, and taking time off
  • You need to push yourself, and you need to recover. Both are important
  • There’s value in changing your thought patterns, by changing your activities and locations
  • Experiment with what you do, your habits, your routines, and keep track of what works
  • Even with success, the human tendency is to focus on negativity
  • The ability to feel deeply and care for things can actually make it difficult to fit in
  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses, then focus on using your strengths

The 5-Things that Make People Happy

  1. Positive emotions
  2. Engagement. Being present in the moment
  3. Relationships
  4. Meaning
  5. Achievement and accomplishment


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