173: How to Eat Dessert and Burn Fat at the Same Time with Crosby Tailor

“Make sure that you’re following a balanced diet with enough protein to keep you from feeling like you need to binge on sweets.” – Crosby Tailor

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Most people in the world do. Some are worse than others, but this sweet tooth will often interfere with our dietary goals. How can you eat your sweets and still stay healthy?

As it turns out, there is a way to eat delicious desserts that satisfy your sweet tooth, and keep up your healthy diet, and Crosby Tailor is here to tell us how! Crosby’s speciality is making desserts that are incredibly tasty, and yet still incredibly healthy!

We dig into a lot of ingredient details on this episode, so make sure to take notes! If you’ve ever wondered if it was possible to have six pack abs and still eat dessert, this episode is for you! Take notes, checkout the recipes on Crosby’s website, and listen and learn to this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

“You should be very untrusting of desserts you are offered anywhere, even if they’re ‘healthy.’ Best to make your own.” – Crosby Tailor

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Key Takeaways

  • You should be untrusting of most desserts you are offered anywhere. Even healthy desserts are often not in line with your diet goals
  • Look into Erythritol as a healthy sweetener. Use as powder to blend it consistently into your baking
  • Use coconut flour instead of white flower
  • Be careful of using too much stevia, as a lot of people have a strong sensitivity to the flavor profile of stevia
  • Even eating healthily, don’t overeat. But when you’re eating healthy, you’ll tend to be full and less likely to overeat

DIY Healthy Cookies

  1. Flour base: Try a substitute for white flour like coconut, quinoa, or almond flour
  2. Eggs: Look for pasture-raised, cage-free, etc
  3. Butter: Try substituting Ghee to avoid lactose
  4. Baking powder: Look for aluminum-free
  5. Sweetener: Try stevia, erythritol. Use some chocolate or cocoa
  6. Liquid: Coconut milk

Other Ingredients Mentioned

  1. Pink salt
  2. Grass fed whey protein
  3. Bone broth based powder
  4. Cacao nibs
  5. MCT oil
  6. Mint



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