How To Become A Travel Writer with Maneesh Sethi [VIDEO]

Meet Maneesh Sethi.

Maneesh has been traveling around the world since 2008, starting companies, freelancing, outsourcing, and building online businesses.

Inspired by the book, “4 Hour Workweek“, Maneesh has built businesses that earn enough income, completely outsourced, to allow him to live without working.

He has a great website,

What's that got to do with journalism you're asking?

What's that got to do with how to become a journalist?

Well, Maneesh has some great tips on how to become a travel writer. I caught up with Maneesh in Medellin, Colombia recently.

During this interview, Maneesh discusses:

* How to be a good writer

* How to get your story published

* Why it's important to have your own personal blog

* The power of networking with other bloggers in order to make money

* The website,

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