216: Why DisneyLand is NOT the Happiest Place on Earth

A lot of people spend a lot of money to feel happy. Whether it’s going to DisneyLand, taking vacations, visiting exotic locations, or whatever it is. People think they need to pay, or have some sort of extremely special or unusual experience to be happy. But that is simply not the case!!

Happiness comes from a variety of places. But at the end of the day, happiness is a choice. It’s a way of life. People are miserable at DisneyLand all the time, whether it’s because their kids or their spouse make them miserable, if they are stressed out about work and letting that ruin their trip, DisneyLand, by itself, cannot make you happy.

You have to actively seek happiness, and be smart about the things that you know will bring more of it into your everyday life. Helping other people, doing good for other people, living in the moment, soaking up everything that is around you, progress in your goals, hard work, all of these things can bring happiness! Know yourself, realize when you are truly happy, and create more of those moments in your life!

Key Takeaways:

  • The happiest place on earth is wherever you decided to be the happiest in the moment
  • Happiness is a choice you make
  • Practice daily gratefulness to create more happiness in your life
  • Purposefulness in building the life you want produces happiness
  • But understand that ups and downs always occur, and that is actually what makes the happy times happy
  • Analyze your feelings, to notice when you are the most happy, to create more of that in your life
  • Helping people will bring you happiness


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