238: How to Be Social and Have Fun Without Alcohol

Most people consider alcohol to be an absolute requirement of any social interaction they have. Whether they’re hanging at the bar, on a date, or doing almost anything social, it’s like they feel that they must be drinking!

The truth is that you simply don’t have to drink to have a good time! In fact, there are a myriad of ways that you can have the best time of your life without alcohol involved.

You do, however, have to be a bit more creative about what you choose to do. You can’t just fall back on the same “hang out at the bar” plan, you have to actually think!

The result of thinking about it and doing something creative, however, is that the event an interaction will be so much more memorable for it, and you will actually have a much better time! Try it! Try out some of the activities mentioned in this episode, and see how much more your life can be without alcohol!

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people think that alcohol is required for social interactions. But it doesn’t have to!
  • Use your creativity to come up with different and better ways to hang out with people that don’t include alcohol
  • Giving up alcohol will actually help you surround yourself with the type of people you will want to be around

7-Fun Non-Alcoholic Activities:

  1. Morning hike
  2. Go for a walk in the sunshine or the snow
  3. Meet at a cafe or juice bar
  4. Run errands together
  5. Meet for desert
  6. Get silly on a novelty date, like mini-golf or something else
  7. Try pretending to be a tourist in your own town


“The 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge” book by James Swanwick


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