267: How to Stay in Touch With Friends Near & Far

People love to be thought of. Whether it’s a quick Snapchat, or a letter in the mail, the thought that others care enough to reach out has an immense impact on a person. If you can learn simple practices to stay in touch with others, then your relationships will grow, and studies show- you will be happier. On today’s episode I am going to discuss the simplicity and accessibility that technology brings to keeping up with friendships.

We are lucky. It has never been easier to stay in touch with a friend than it is now. The technology that we have allows us to communicate with people that are thousands of miles away, or just a mere block away. It can take seconds to simply send a quick text message, record a quick audio, or even send a video to remind someone that you are thinking about them.

People love to be thought of. Who, in your life, can you just pick up the phone and give a quick call to? Learn the importance of seconds of intentionality with conversation on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways

  • Studies have shown that the happiest people have a good group of friends and acquaintances. These are people that they can count on, people that they have deep relationships with, and history with; is there a point that you would let a friendship peter out?
  • DO NOT let a good friendship peter out, simply send a quick text, voice memo, or video to remind them you are thinking about them.
  • Long distance is no excuse for a poor friendship.
  • Messaging is FREE. There is absolutely no excuse not to send a quick message to a good friend.
  • That said- messaging is lame, you’re still hiding behind the electronic world with small written statements. You cannot tell a tone, expression, or intent with a text message.
  • Recording a quick voice message will allow you to be more personal with someone as they can hear your tone and expression through the message.
  • Audio is more powerful than the written word, I challenge you to leave an audio message for your friend. Next thing you know you will have an ongoing string of voice messages being sent back and forth.
  • Even more personal than audio is a video message. Who wouldn’t love getting a video message from a friend, reminding them they’re still important to them?
  • Everyone has their preference in communication, but if you start sending audio and video messages, you will watch as your long distance friendships become more and more personal with time.
  • Thanks to ever-improving technology, keeping up with friends just keeps getting easier and easier. Take advantage of this.
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