204: How to Stick to a Diet, Lose Weight, and Have a Healthy Lifestyle

The term “diet” has become very commonplace in modern language. The idea that people will go on a diet for a set period of time, to try to whip their body into the shape they want, before plunging directly back into the habits and lifestyle that brought them to the point of needing a diet in the first place, is a vicious cycle.

So the solution for how to stick to a diet is simple: Don’t diet! Instead, focus on living a healthy but sustainable lifestyle. For me, this means eating about 80% healthy foods, and 20% junk food or cheat meals. This way I am not torturing myself and my body to eat healthily, to the point where it is no longer sustainable, but rather sticking to a percentage that is sustainable.

Everybody’s body will be different, and react differently to different health choices.. But the broad concept here is true and broadly applicable to everyone. Don’t diet! Focus on a healthy lifestyle and eating habits that you will be able to keep up in the long run, leading to a far healthier you!

Key Takeaways:

  • You shouldn’t be on a diet in the first place! Instead, you should be on a consistently healthy lifestyle
  • When people try to do a diet instead of a healthy lifestyle, they lose weight, but then put it back on down the road
  • Don't’ starve yourself or be too strict because it’s not sustainable
  • Have a 80/20 lifestyle: 80% very healthy, and 20% ‘cheat’ meals
  • Know yourself, your body and your limits, then stick to them!
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