241: How to Talk to Any Girl with Confidence

Do you feel like you’re constantly seeing girls, or anyone really, that you want to approach, but you have this little voice inside your head saying they’re probably too busy, or they don’t want to you, etc?

If so, you’re like most people! Everyone struggles with this! But the key is to take the fear and anxiety you’re feeling, and turn it into excitement! Take the negative of fear and turn it into the positive of excitement

In addition, understand that most people, in fact, love to be approached, and love the attention! By approaching someone on the street randomly, you are probably actually doing them a favor that they will enjoy!

There’s a lot more to get into on this episode, so enjoy, and commit to approaching people you want to meet, even when you’re scared!

Key Takeaways:

  • Transfer fear into excitement! Use the energy of fear for something good in the moment
  • Don’t let yourself live with the regret of not approaching someone that you want to
  • You never know what will come from sucking it up, and just jumping into a conversation despite the fear
  • Think about what the worst is that could happen. It’s usually not that bad!
  • Tell yourself that the moment you’ve said “hi,” you’ve already won!
  • Don’t let the idea that the person you want to approach doesn’t want to speak to you hold you back
  • Understand that the majority of time, people like attention, so give it to them!


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