284: I Don’t Have My Shit Together

Do you struggle with being happy with what is going on in your life? Do you ever find yourself thinking that you are the only one dealing with a specific problem? Are you constantly plagued by negative thoughts about yourself, and positive thoughts about others? Do you find yourself believing that everyone else has it together, and you are alone in your struggles?

Well, I don’t have my shit together. I am the same as you, I have problems. Change your thinking and stop thinking that everyone else is happy. No one is happily put together, because everyone has problems. Whenever I meet people who are seemingly doing better than myself, I start to believe that they have all aspects of their lives put together, while I am struggling. It might be different for others, and they might be jealous of what I am doing. Everyone is different, everyone has different struggles, different things that make them jealous.

Understand that everyone has struggles, everyone has hardships, everyone has negative thoughts; you are not alone.

Key Points

  • Everyone has problems that they are worried about, you are not alone.
  • No one is seamlessly put together, and content with all aspects of their life.
  • If you go through the day worried about different problems, insecurities, or negativities, you are going to have a negative disposition.
  • If you believe you have to achieve some type of success to be worthy of a relationship then it will never happen.
  • SO, give yourself a break.
  • You don't have all your shit together, but neither does anyone.
  • You need to change your mentality, and alter your mindset.
  • The only way you can grow is through resistance to negativity.
  • The key to empathy is vulnerability.
  • Everyone feels inferior, so when you can simply admit that, that’s when relationships form.
  • Be vulnerable, talk about your losses and failures, you will find connections from it.
  • There will always be room to create new problems, if you allow for it.
  • Self-preservation is a natural thing, but vulnerability fosters growth.
  • You will never be able to rid yourself of negative feelings, but you can learn how to curb them.
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