213: 3 Ways to Change Habits and Drink Less

A lot of people know that their lives would only improve if they gave up alcohol. It’s widely understood that, even if you don’t have a severe problem with drinking, it’s most likely not doing you any good, and almost assuredly holding you back, even if by a little bit.

But when it comes to actually giving it up, and drinking less or not drinking at all, people have a hard time. There are social situations in which alcohol is just an assumed. You will be spending time around other people who are drinking all the time. You probably keep alcohol in your house, so it will be staring you straight in the face when you come home. How do you resist??

Today’s guest is James Clear, and he is an expert in changing your habits. We’re talking about 3 specific steps that you can take to change your habits, and adjust your mindset so that you aren’t thinking about alcohol all the time. This will in turn lead to less and less alcohol consumption, leading to a better life. Learn all of this and more on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • Change your social circles. Know that the more time you spend with people who drink a lot, the more you will want to drink
  • Change your physical space. Your home environment will drive your actions. Remove visual stimuli that will prompt you to want to drink. Throw it away, don’t buy more, remove it from eyeline
  • Think about the benefit of drinking – why you do it. Then, think about the habits you could substitute for drinking that could get you that same benefit




47-Day Habit Hacker

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