206: Selling: How to Empower Sales Prospects to Improve Their Lives with Jim Miller

“In selling, understand that you are almost always selling a transformation, not a product.” – Jim Miller

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When it comes to sales, there’s a definite right and wrong way to do things, and a surprisingly large number of salespeople and people trying to convince anyone of anything take the completely wrong approach.

Today I am talking with Jim Miller about the sales strategy and process that he taught me, which helped me sell millions of dollars in product sales for Tai Lopez. We’re going through the exact steps that you need to following, in order for the prospect to fully understand the value of what you are selling, and to be empowered to take action to really change their life.

And that is a core principle of what Jim Miller is teaching in this episode: You are not trying to push your product or service on them, you are trying to help them take the action that they need to take in order to become the person that they want to be!

“Today is the only day to get started. Assume nothing less.” – Jim Miller

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Key Takeaways:

  • Move out of a product/transactional focus to a relational/conversational focus
  • Ask to understand the prospect in-depth. You have to get to know them at a core level
  • Understand that you are almost always selling a transformation, not a product
  • Ask if the client can envision the life they would have with your product. What does it look like?
  • Your goal is to show the prospect the future, ideal you. The “fantasy state.” The prospect needs to feel like they really are that person in the fantasy state.
  • Move to “What is it that has kept you from the fantasy state?” This moves to the “despair state.”
  • Future pace: Ask what will happen if they continue the way they have been going?
  • Create a story in their head of the despair state if they do not make the change
  • Then, future pace of how they would feel and what their life would look like if they purchased
  • Create a cognitive dissonance by the fact that they have a desire to be some way, but are not taking the actions that they should to get there
  • Reveal through generalization and minimization. “The program is very simple, all my clients were like you, and here is what has happened to all my clients.” Three main points of the program. And the economics of the program are this.
  • Today is the only day to get started. Assume nothing less
  • There are no objections, only resistance.
  • Always align with the resistance. “Yes, it is a lot of money.” And that’s it. Align with the prospect
  • “All of my clients in your position today have said the same thing in one way or another. Here’s the questions I asked them that I will ask you as well. I was talking to my client, and I asked when was a time when you wanted to wait but took action.” And hold them to thinking of that time



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