179: How to Get a Bodybuilder Physique in 26 Weeks with Jon Mills

“We have to work on ourselves and our minds every day. When we stop, that’s when things can get out of control.” – Jon Mills

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to get the physique of a bodybuilder? What do the workouts look like? What is the schedule like? How much pain do you have to endure? How much sleep? What kind of food? The questions are endless, and a lot of people have a lot of curiosity around this. This sort of physique seems so far away from what most of us are able to achieve that there’s this aura around people who are able to accomplish things like this, and we wonder how it’s possible.

Jon Mills set out to find out exactly how, by putting himself through the process of becoming a bodybuilder, and he’s here to tell the story about it! The intensity required to compete that the professional level is extreme, and this was no small undertaking.

Learn how he was able to accomplish incredible gains in his physique, in his mentality, in his performance, and in his life, through this incredibly difficult process of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

“Be careful about the rebound effect of too strict a diet. Go with a diet that you can keep up over the long run.” – Jon Mills

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Key Takeaways

  • The more people share their stories and are open about it, the more they can help others work through similar difficult circumstances
  • Work on yourself and on your mentality constantly to stay on top of it
  • Rest and breaks are extremely important building muscle
  • It is very important that your specific workout routine fits your specific workout goals
  • Nutrition also has to be specific to you, including your specific macro goals, etc
  • Be careful about the rebound effect of too strict a diet. Go with a diet that you can keep up over the long run
  • Know what motivates you, and feed off that
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people that will bring you up

The Macro Goals for the Average Person Trying to Lean Down

40% protein

40% carbs

20% fat




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