285: The Things and People You Can Learn From When Traveling Home

People say you need to look back on old times in order to give you perspective on where you are going. Recently, James headed back to his homeland of Australia for two weeks where he traveled all over attending different events, meeting up with a variety of people, and even visited his childhood home.

On this episode of the James Swanwick show, James returns to Los Angeles from his two week trip to Australia. While in Australia James attended his cousin, Sylvia Jeffrey’s, “who’s who” of celebrity weddings in Australia. He then had a meet up in Sydney on Bondi Beach with some of his instagram and snapchat followers. All the while he was there, he had time to catch up with a variety of friends, as well as make new ones, as well.

Not only did James catchup with friends while in Australia but he also took time to drive out to the town where he was born, and visited his childhood home. He also saw a psychologist in Brisbane with his brother Tristan, to work on communication to benefit their business ventures. While on the trip, he read the book Radical Candor by Kim Staff, on how to be a leader, how to converse with employees, and how to be radically candid with people.

Key Points

  • Attended his cousin’s star studded wedding, had a great time, and realized the idea of a traditional wedding ceremony is not fitting for his tastes.
    • Even though he personally is not a fan of wedding ceremonies, he enjoyed the immense positivity that encompassed the entire wedding.
    • Had great rapport with Peter Fitzsimons about abstaining from alcohol.
  • After the wedding, he stayed in Sydney for a few days, and had a meet up with instagram and snapchat followers on Bondi Beach.
    • Always nice to put a faces to names, allows you to interact with your customers, and know what’s important to them.
    • Having relationships, interactions, and connections with people is so important.
    • One thing that is important for business owners: If you genuinely care, and want to help a lot of people, start with one person.
  • Following this, he met up with one of his inner circle coaching members, Tyson Brown, on Bondi Beach, as well.
  • Next, James headed to Melbourne to catch up with business partner Craig Hutchison, host of the TV show called the Footy show.
  • Went to Noosa, caught up with his friend, Brad Blanks, his wife Juliet, and their family.
  • Next, went to Melbourne, to visit his childhood home.
    • He talked with the new owners about their experiences in the home, took a video of the home, and sent it to his parents.
    • The whole experience gave him a humbling perspective, and was a positive experience as a whole.
  • While there, he went to a psychologist with his brother Tristan, had two sessions totalling around 4 hours.
    • Worked on communication, especially regarding when the other was upset.
    • Choosing your language is very important, learn how to describe how you feel.
  • For better communication regarding problems try these things:
    • Acknowledge the other person
    • State how you feel because of their actions
    • State why it's important
    • Come up with a possible solution
  • Went on a few short dates while in Australia, which were filled with friendly conversation, and great topics.
    • Try smiling at people, be friendly, make friends
  • Side note: If you are wondering how to get advice or attention from someone, then do something like pick them up at the airport.
    • I had someone ask me if I needed rides, which in turn, I received a free ride, and they received free advice.
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