272: How to Create a Better You with Luke Storey

Do you know that you need to change your life? Do you feel like you live an average life? Do you feel capable of so much more but don’t know what to do? Everyone feels this way at some point in life.

We need to figure out the tools to fix this feeling of mediocrity, or depression. In this episode, James is joined by Luke Storey to explore these tools.

Luke Storey went from being a deadbeat musician in LA to becoming a successful entrepreneur and health and wellness expert. He currently runs the Lifestylist podcast, a podcast that deals with everything from natural health to positive lifestyles even to sex. In this episode of the James Swanwick show

Key Points

  • Everyone has baggage. Everyone feels negative emotions. It is learning how to deal with these negative emotions that is crucial to every individual's life.
  • Things from your childhood are oppressive on your current state! Learn what is holding you back, and try to fix it.
  • James was a womanizer in his twenties, finally realizing that it fed his ego because of his mother’s strong personality that pushed around his father in his childhood.
  • We all have different circumstances that have caused negative things to overtake us in our adulthood.
  • Luke Storey shares the story of his struggle in young adulthood when he constantly struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • For ten years, Storey found himself under the influence every single day.
  • He realized he could not kick the drug habit with his own willpower alone, so he finally attended rehab where he became sober.
  • Being up in your head, and living in the future will create emotions within you that will create negatives and rumination within you.
  • Principles of health and spirituality will ultimately help you build the life that you want.
  • Luke went from being destructive and negative to a person who radiates mindfulness, and positivity.
  • Tips on changing your life from Luke:
    • First tip: Physical piece. Getting the toxins out of the body. Cleansing, getting on a clean diet. Figuring out what causes your body to thrive.
    • Second tip: Emotional piece. Power of positive thinking. Resisting complaining about anything or anyone.
    • Third tip: Spiritual piece. Applying self honesty and humility in all things. Not being defensive, and being honest. Learning to see yourself for who you are.
  • Luke Storey has worked extensively to become a better version of himself. The desire to do so is innate, but something he has had to continuously work on. He challenges us all to follow in his footsteps, and find the better us.

Life Stylist Podcast

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