259: How do You Make New Friends Fast?

Whether you’ve moved to a new place, decided to level-up the kind of friends you hang around, or just want to broaden your social circle, learning how to make new friends quickly is an essential skill for the human existence. From our earliest ages and through the rest of life, the ability to make new friends plays a large role in your ability to be successful and happy in your life.

This episode is about how to make new friends quickly. Having moved around a lot, I’ve found myself in the position of needing to make new friends quickly several times, and have found out what works well, and what brings the right kind of people into your life. That’s what I’m sharing on this episode, so take notes and learn how to make new friends fast on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • Commit to hosting a social event. Be the host
  • When you are an active connector of people, you make a very good impression on both people
  • Consider joining a sports time, if that’s your thing, to get plugged in quickly
  • Consider organizing meetups around your interests
  • If you want people to be interested in you, you must be interested in them first
  • Whenever you go to a new place, find out from facebook any friends you have who used to live there, and ask them to intro you to anyone you should meet in the area
  • Make a sincere effort. Invite people
  • Say yes to invites. Get into the habit
  • Just go to where the people are
  • Get involved in the community and charity
  • Host a potluck party
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