240: Managing Alcohol Withdrawal in the Real World

If you, like many in my program are giving up alcohol here at the beginning of 2017, then you will need some advice and real-world tips about how to deal with alcohol withdrawal, and that is what this episode is all about.

While I do advocate the use of certain supplements, it’s important to always try the most natural remedies first, before moving on to anything else.

However, sometimes quitting alcohol can be a very difficult thing, and my goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish. So listen to this episode to understand how to handle a life without alcohol, until you get to the point where you really just don’t even want to drink anymore!

Key Takeaways:

  • When you first give up alcohol, in the first few days you may shock your system, and not see the benefits right away. After that time, you definitely will
  • Go for a walk, breath, and meditate
  • Try natural remedies first


  • NAC
  • Lithium Orotate
  • Vitamin C
  • B Vitamins
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin A
  • Milk Thistle
  • Kudzu



“30 Day No Alcohol Challenge” by James Swanwick

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