140: Why You Should Put Yourself Through Hell: Engineering Sealfit Kokoro Camp

“If we don’t challenge ourselves, in big form and consistently, then we get weaker and weaker until we're afraid to take on challenges.” – Mark Divine

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Could YOU survive Navy Seal hell week? Steve Costello just did. Today, I’m speaking with Mark Divine, the founder of Sealfit Kokoro Camp, about what it takes to steel your mind for something incredibly challenging and difficult, and why you would even do something like that to yourself in the first place!

As Mark told me, “If we don’t challenge ourselves, in big form and consistently, then we get weaker and weaker until we afraid to take on challenges.” The fact of the matter is that most people, especially in modern western societies, do not subject themselves to incredibly stressful and difficult experiences regularly. Whereas these circumstances were a part of normal human life for much of history, they have largely gone away, and the result is that humans are not as well-connected with themselves and their resiliency as they could be. They simply do not know what they are capable of.

Mark Divine is working to help humans realize more fully their potential, the resiliency that they have within, and what they are capable of dealing with and accomplishing. While something like Sealfit Kokoro Camp is an incredibly difficult and trying thing to put yourself through, the rewards are stunning. Learn more about how you can live the most fulfilling life through trying times on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Notes on the Show:

  • Taking control of your own mind, realizing that your life and what you do is entirely up to you, and is the first step toward a more fulfilled life
  • Understand your principles and passions to find what you’re supposed to do in life
  • Understanding your guiding principles makes every other decision you need to make much easier
  • Try focusing on the negatives. Knowing what you do not want to do will lead you to what you should be doing
  • If we do not challenge ourselves, we get weaker and weaker
  • Deeply challenging processes help us live our lives better, and more the way we really wish we did
  • People can find that they are capable of much more than they think when they are put into really difficult situations
  • Seek out challenges for yourself, or else the challenges will come to you. You effectively “burn off karma.”
  • Use challenges to learn, grow, and help unlock your potential
  • Set conditions to win in your mind before you begin. Think through the entirety of the day, with each stage going as you would want it to
  • Say no. When you’re deeply aligned to your mission and your commitments, it becomes easier to say no


Sealfit Kokoro

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