221: Why You Should Care About Bees with Maryam Henein

Bees are in trouble. What does that mean for you? Did you know that bees actually pollinate 1 out of every 3 bites you take?? That means that without them, a very large portion of the foodline starts to fall apart! In fact, they are responsible for so much that no one really knows exactly what the result of bees’ extinction would be be, but it would definitely be disastrous.

It really is time to start taking note, and responsibility for our environment, and that is what I’m discussing with Maryam Henein on this episode. Maryam directed Vanishing of the Bees, a documentary available on Netflix, Hulu and elsewhere, all about what is going on with bees and what that means for humanity.

But we get into a lot more than that on this episode. So take notes if you want to learn how to eat healthier, be more conscious about the environment, and live a better life, and the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways

  • Honey bees pollinate 1 in every 3 bites that we eat. Without the pollination, a huge amount of the food supply would go away
  • Bees are leaving and dying at an alarming rate
  • All beekeepers, all around the world, are reaching the same conclusions about bees
  • The quality of the soil is essential to how healthy the plants are that we eat
  • Be careful and critical about the marketing around healthy eating. A lot of it is just clever marketing, and not healthier. Research!
  • There is an awakening happening, in terms of eating healthy and taking care of the world. And paying careful attention to the bees needs to be part of that
  • It’s very unfair that you have to pay extra for organic food. You have to pay extra to not be poisoned
  • Understand that your skin is your biggest organ, so never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat because of the ingredients




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