279: Past and Present Setbacks, How to Turn These Into Setups with Mike Zeller

Have you had a setback recently? Has something disastrous happened in your life? Have you tried to accomplish something and you failed just a little bit short? Is there a setback that happened to you years ago that is still holding you back? Setbacks can have a debilitating effect on your life, even if they took place in the past, and not in recent times.

James Swanwick is joined by Mike Zeller, a socially minded entrepreneur that runs a variety of businesses, from a real estate firm to a menswear line. Mike joins James to discuss the importance of conquering your setbacks, and the process of transforming them into set ups. He points out the importance of setting a positive tone for your life, ridding yourself of negativity, and re-writing your story.

Mike also discusses the importance of allocating roles when a business grows. He gives pointers on the process of going from director, to coach, to supporter, until you have fully delegated certain roles to an individual. He stresses the importance of being a responsible business owner, and gives six specific tips on being a good business owner, challenging you to improve your business.

Key Points

  • How are we going to make setbacks a set up.
  • There is immense power in surrounding yourself by masterminds, whether that's a business mastermind, or a science mastermind.
  • If you are the smartest person in a room, then you are in the wrong room.
  • Mike discusses the importance of ridding yourself of setbacks, and coming to terms with the things that have taken place in your life.
  • Mike went to Buenos Aires for a time period, and realized that he needed to shift from a business operator to a business owner.
  • Tony Robbins points out that you can change your emotional state by interrupting the patterns in your mind. Helped Mike shift his focus, to a more positive, action-driven personality.
  • Let your deep pain and frustration drive you forward. Go all in
  • Surround yourself by those who influence you positively, it will help you in letting go of the negative story that could be shaping your life.
  • Life is ultimately whatever you say it is. You can choose to say that life is awesome, or you can say it is terrible. It is whatever story you make it.
  • James points out there is no good, and there is no bad, life is simply what it is.
  • The most progressive year of Mike’s life was the most painful year of his life.
  • The transformation of meaning cannot shift completely over night.
  • It takes days, weeks, months of moving in the right direction, for things will change.
  • You need space to grieve, and release negativity in order to move on.
  • You need people to keep you accountable, people whom you have healthy relationships with, to help you get through this process.
  • Constantly feed yourself with new knowledge. This includes things that increase your learning like podcasts, books, etc.
  • You get in life what you are willing to tolerate. If you want to be outstanding then step up your game, and go all in, in order to be extraordinary.
  • What truly makes you happy?  Write these things down and do not tolerate life without them.
  • Be sure to take care of your health, it will create more clarity in your life.
  • As you groom and develop employees, you are in more of a director role, then changing to that of a coach, then a supporter, and lastly, granting all delegation.
  • 6 core roles of a business owner
  1. Sets the direction.
  2. He makes key, strategic decisions.
  3. Allocating resources appropriately.
  4. Build and develop exponential relationships.
  5. Recruit and develop top notch players.
  6. Build and enhance organizational health.

To learn more about Mike or any of his plethora of businesses, click here.

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